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Life & Long Term Disability Insurance


Group Life Insurance

Beloit College provides each eligible employee with life insurance equal to one year's salary or a maximum of $50,000; the policy amount doubles in the event of accidental death. Employees may voluntarily purchase dependent life insurance as a rider to the employee life insurance policy at the cost of $1.96 per month. Spouse or same-sex domestic partner coverage is $5,000; coverage for each unmarried child less than age 25 is $2,000.

Group Life Insurance Plan Booklet here

Group Long Term Disability Insurance

After one year of eligible employment, Beloit College provides employees with long-term disability insurance. Policy benefits begin after six continuous months of disability and provide income up to 60% of the employee's annual salary to age 65 or age 70 depending on age attained at the time of disability.

Group LTD Insurance Plan Booklet here

ERISA Disability Claims Procedures On Or After April 1, 2018

Voluntary Life Insurance Plan

Beloit College offers optional life insurance coverage to eligible employees and their family members.  This benefit provides comprehensive life insurance coverage at group rates.  The policies are underwritten by The Hartford Insurance Company.  Features of the plan include:

  • Flexible benefit choices starting at $20,000 for employees
  • Employee and family member coverage
  • Guaranteed issue of up to $120,000 for employees and $50,000 for spouse/same-sex domestic partner (no medical questions for timely applicants)
  • Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) benefit
  • Affordable rates
  • Convenient payroll deduction
  • Portability and convertibility – take the plan with you if you leave the college

Supplemental Life Insurance Plan Booklet here

Employees Guide to Beneficiary Designations

For more information, check out The Hartford at

ACM Accident Insurance Plan

Beloit College offers the option of supplemental life insurance coverage through the ACM Accident Insurance Plan.  Employees may purchase accidental death insurance in $10,000 increments based on annual wage or salary through monthly payroll deduction.  Coverage in excess of $350,000 is limited to 10 times annual salary.  Rates are available for employee only or employee and family.  Highlights of the plan include Assist America medical and emergency evacuation services when you are traveling more than 100 miles from home or traveling in a foreign country. 

ACM AD&D Voluntary Plan Booklet (SPD)

ACM AD&D Business Travel Plan Booklet (SPD)

ACM Enrollment form

Assist America Brochure

ACM AD&D Business Travel Coverage Certificate

ACM AD&D Voluntary Coverage Certificate