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Why Beloit?

Why prepare for a health professional career at Beloit?

Great Liberal Arts Education

Beloit will prepare you for medical school or other programs with a great science program, and also wonderful opportunities to expand your knowledge and be able to stand out to competitive graduate schools that are looking for independent thinkers, creative minds, and well-rounded students who not only can be great assets in the lab, but also write amazing and thoughtful papers, and analyze the world with many different academic tools.

Close Relationships With Faculty

With a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, Beloit students feel connected, appreciated, challenged, and able to get any guidance or help they need. Professors at Beloit are great assets to our students, and have helped many students interested in health professions realize their potential and direct them to the best ways to search for schools or post-graduate jobs. Students often do research with professors: in the lab, in the field, or co-authoring papers. Our professors know our students well, and because of these close relationships they can write recommendations about activities, work style, dedication, and passion and dreams.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Beloit is unique in that it stresses thinking outside of the box. We have interdisciplinary majors, interdisciplinary courses, and opportunities to test out our classroom skills in the real world. Beloit students ask a lot of questions, and challenge each other and the faculty to really examine the course material, the world, and our places in it.

Study Abroad Opportunities

International education is an integral part of the Beloit experience. We send about 50% of our students to study off-campus and/or abroad. Students are able to have internships abroad, create special projects, and take classes in other languages about other cultures and in different political atmospheres. Learning in different environments gives unique context to courses and offers firsthand experience. Science and premedical students at Beloit are able, with careful planning, to study abroad and still complete their requirements. Beloit understands what a life changing experience study abroad can be for students in any field of study.

Community Engagement

Working within the community not only benefits the community, but also provides the student with real life skills, expands their knowledge of health care and the systems involved in health, and provides connections with community members that will be of enormous value to the student.

Collaborative vs. Competitive Environment

Everyone helps each other learn at Beloit, we have "workshop" style science courses where students work together to solve problems, create presentations, and learn.

Complete Science Program

Beloit is a great place to study science, with lots of opportunities for investigation/hands-on-learning, visiting scientists, and outreach to community. There are also summer and semester research opportunities.

Contact the Liberal Arts in Practice Center for questions about internships or job shadowing.

Contact the Office of International Education for questions about study abroad or off-campus study.