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Preparing for Nursing School

Do YOU Want to Go to Nursing School or Become a Physician’s Assistant?

Important Information for Choosing First Year Courses!!

Beloit College grads have been accepted in “second degree” nursing programs, for students who already have a BA or BS, and physician assistant programs at some of the best regional and national schools. Requirements for admission to these schools differ, and you should investigate the requirements of schools that interest you.  Some courses not available at Beloit College or that don’t fit with your schedule, can be completed online.

Most nursing schools and PA programs require: 

  • Human Biology   
  • Microbiology   
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology (some schools require 2 semesters)
  • Introductory Chemistry, Chem 117
  • Organic Chemistry 1
  • Statistics (Biometrics, Psych statistics, Math statistics, or Sociology statistics)
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Lifespan developmental psychology
  • English literature and/or composition
  • Nutrition

Physician Assistant programs also REQUIRE hands-on health care experience.

Choosing your major is up to you. Students have gone on to nursing and PA programs with majors in psychology, biochemistry, health and society, sociology, modern languages and others. Choose a major that makes you happy, and take the prerequisite courses you will need.

Many students set up their schedules so that they can study abroad.  You need to begin to plan early so that you can complete your prerequisite courses and a language if necessary.

If possible, you should take Human Biology or Microbiology, Chemistry 117 and Psychology 100 in your first year to prepare you up to complete these requirements. It’s good to continue a language you’ve studied in high school, as well.

Schools are also interested in your volunteer activities, your leadership abilities, and your commitment to working with people.   

The professors on the Health Professions Advisory Committee are available to advise you.

Please come see us.

Rachel Bergstrom,

Kevin Braun,

Kathryn Johnson (chair),

Kristin Labby,

Laura Parmentier,