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Preparing for Medical School

Do YOU Want to Go to Medical School?

Important Information for Choosing First Year Courses!!

You need to complete 9-10 units of science and math before you take the MCAT and to satisfy medical school admission requirements. Most students take this exam in the spring after their junior year if they are planning to go to medical school right after college. Calculus is not required, but it helps a lot for Physics.

  • 4 Chemistry
  • 2 Physics
  • 2 Biology
  • 1 Biochemistry

This means 3 or 4 science courses a year, even if these courses are not part of your major. You do not need to be a science major in order to apply to medical school, and no major is “better” than others for admission to health professions schools. 

Most allopathic and osteopathic medical schools require that you take a course in Statistics (like biometrics) and 2 semesters of English or Composition. The new MCAT exam requires 1 semester of Sociology 100 and 1 semester of Psychology 100.

Medical schools and other health professions schools are highly competitive. You need a grade point average above 3.4 to be considered by most schools. Remember, you are competing with students from all over the country for admission.

Schools are also interested in your volunteer activities, your leadership abilities, and your commitment to working with people.  They are interested in students who make time to study abroad.

The professors on the Health Professions Advisory Committee are available to advise you on what you need to do to get in to medical school. If you are interested in medical school, you should make sure to take advantage of the programs scheduled by HPAC and to meet with these advisors.

The Health Professions Advisory Committee    
Please come see us.

Rachel Bergstrom,

Kevin Braun,

Kathryn Johnson (chair),

Kristin Labby,

Laura Parmentier,