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Study History Abroad

We urge all History students to seriously consider spending one or two semesters abroad. The opportunity to study a foreign culture, its history, and its language for an extended period will not only enhance your knowledge of that country's past, but also allow you to deepen your understanding of your own country and its distinct history when you return.

Almost every Study Abroad program available to Beloit students offers opportunities for historical study; you should consult with your advisor about how specific programs might help you fulfill the requirements of Beloit's History Major or Minor.

The Office of International Education has prepared a list of programs that are especially appropriate for History students, but the list is not exhaustive and should be considered only a starting point.

The Office of International Education also has many resources about how to study abroad even if you don't think you can afford it, how athletes and International Students can go abroad, and what programs are out there for students who haven't studied a foreign language.  We urge you to explore their website, visit their office, and talk to your advisor!