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Honors and Prizes

Academic Honors in History

The college and History Department have various ways of recognizing outstanding academic achievement.   

Departmental Honors

Departmental honors work offers the promising student individual counsel and supervision in the accomplishment of a creative or scholarly project, pursued with that intensity and freedom which is seldom possible in the classroom. Intended to encourage and reward independence of thought, intellectual maturity, and distinguished academic achievement, independent study leading to departmental honors is offered by all departments of the College. 

Honors work is open to any student who, in the judgment of the department concerned, is promising enough to do it adequately, has earned at least a 'B' average in the major, and has completed six terms of credit work. 

The History Department will consider applications for honors work from students who meet the all-college requirements for Honors projects early in the second semester of the student’s junior year.  Students who are off-campus during that semester of their college careers should plan to submit their applications electronically at that time.  An application will include a proposal for the project, a narrative description discussing questions to be considered, sources to be consulted, historiographical issues pertinent to the project, and a timetable for completion.

The Honors Project may be initiated or completed within the context of a 300-level seminar, a Newberry seminar, a departmental honors seminar, independent study, or other appropriate setting.  However, participation in one of the above does not guarantee the project will be awarded departmental honors because the quality of the work must be assessed by a committee of departmental faculty members.

All students competing for honors will be expected to make a public presentation of the research and conclusions.  This presentation may occur at Student Symposium, a Newberry Library presentation, or other suitable venue approved by the departmental faculty.

Departmental honors work centers upon the writing of a thesis or the undertaking and satisfactory completion of some creative or scholarly project approved by the department concerned. Departments may also require an examination and other requirements, and may withhold the awarding of honors if the student's work is not of honors quality.  A committee of History Department faculty will assess the project and determine if the project will be awarded Departmental honors.  Students may be asked to attend a meeting with these faculty members to explain and defend the project. 

Requirements for departmental honors: (a) the consent of the department chair, normally given not later than the beginning of the first term of the senior year, and reported by the department chair to the registrar not later than two weeks after the opening of that term; (b) a minimum of one and a maximum of two courses of honors work to be completed for credit, and to be recorded as departmental honors. Recognition of achievement in departmental honors is recorded on the student's permanent record. The chair will furnish the registrar with the names of those students to whom departmental honors are to be awarded. Those who do not receive honors may be given course credit for their work. 

History Department Prizes

The History Department awards prizes to graduating seniors who have excelled in their studies.  Presently, two endowed funds provide support for these prizes.

Other Academic Honors

College Honors are calculated automatically through the registrar’s office, based on grade point average.  These include General Honors and Dean’s List recognition.  Students do not need to initiate this process. 

General Honors: Graduation with honors is determined by the student's Beloit College cumulative grade point average, computed at the time of graduation. To be graduated cum laude , a student is required to have earned a grade point average of 3.400; to be graduated magna cum laude, a student is required to have earned a grade point average of 3.600; to be graduated summa cum laude, a student is required to have earned a grade point average of 3.800. Such honors are recorded on the student's diploma and permanent record.

Dean's List: A student who attains at least a 3.400 cumulative grade point average for the semester will be placed on the dean's list. The student must have taken at least 3 graded units for the term and may not have received a grade of 'F' or 'I' in any course that semester. Students on academic probation or with incompletes from previous terms cannot earn dean's list recognition.


Honors Term Awards

Description and purpose of awards: A limited number of Honors Term Scholar Awards and Honors Term Service Awards are available to outstanding students who would like to continue their study at Beloit College for an additional term beyond graduation. Students who are selected will receive full tuition remission in exchange for undertaking a project that contributes significantly to the academic and/or co-curricular programs of the College and simultaneously furthers their own academic or professional development.  Students wishing to work collaboratively with a History Department faculty member should contact that individual well before the deadline for applications.

Honors Term Scholar Awards may be given for projects that involve academic research, educational research or program development. Honors Term Service Awards may be given for service to the College, service to the community, or a combination of these. All applications should state clearly the major emphasis of the proposed honors project.  Further information on Honors Term Awards is available in the Dean of Students’ Office.