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Morse Ingersoll Hall

Beloit College offers an amazing number of opportunities to practice history skills—in local historical societies, in archives, in community-based learning, and in classrooms around the world—and you begin building those skills right away.

Starting with our introductory seminars (listed below), we emphasize DOING history. You will read original sources, examine historical artifacts, and arrive at your own understanding of a subject or problem rather than relying on a textbook's interpretations.

Each introductory seminar focuses on a specific topic and is based on the professor's own research. Your history professors share their most exciting work with you from the moment you begin studying at Beloit. The seminars are limited to 15 students and first year students have preference in enrollment.


"Books and Readers in the Middle Ages"

"Confucius and the World"

"The City in Modern Europe"

"Atlantic Bodies"

"Citizenship in United States History"

The result of this approach is that you will learn to read historical documents carefully and to test your interpretations in writing and class discussions.  As you continue your historical studies you will take classes that connect environmental history and racial justice, that explore the place of China or Japan in their wider East Asian context, and religion and trade in the medieval Mediterranean Sea, among other connections. By Junior or Senior year you might be ready to take a seminar and pursue individual research on the history of Immigration to the U.S., or the history of Emotions in modern Europe. 

Students also have the opportunity to do independent research with their professors at any level. These are examples of recent projects:

Transcription of an 18th-century Jamaican plantation owner's correspondence (Summer 2018)

Impact of Jose Marti on Cubans' Understandings of Freedom (Summer 2018)

Study of an Anthropologist of China in the Early 20th century (Summer 2017)

Organization of a Course on Oral History (Fall 2017)

A Reconsideration of the Chronology of Black Power (Summer 2018)

Research of a Chinese American family who immigrated to Beloit, WI in 1923 (Summer 2018)

We invite you to visit our classes and meet with history faculty when you come to campus!

Please write to Dr. Ellen Joyce, Chair of History, with any questions:

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Becky Moffett
Program Coordinator

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