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The Beloit College Help Yourself Programs (HYP) began in 1986 as an outreach initiative to prepare high school low-income and/or first generation youth in the Beloit area for college. Over the past 28 years, HYP has included Pre-Collegiate (grades 8-12) and later the Beloit Academy (grades 4-7), serving nearly 2,000 students since its inception with a unique interdisciplinary curriculum, monthly educational workshops, college preparation, tutoring, community service, and a three-week summer academic program.

In 2007, we reorganized the program with grades 4 and 5 remaining part of Beloit Academy and the creation of Mezzo Academy, a new initiative specifically focused on middle school youth. In the fall of 2009, we shifted our focus more strongly toward middle and high school, phasing out the fourth and fifth grade programs in order to focus our resources toward achieving our primary mission: to expose and prepare middle and high school students for higher education. The programs now consist of the Mezzo Academy (grades 6-8) and Pre-Collegiate (grades 9-12).

Our three main goals are to increase academic success, college access, and career exposure for the students that we serve. The Help Yourself Program provides the much-needed resources, opportunity, and support for academic excellence and college preparation. We strive to prepare low-income and first generation youth for the rigors, challenges, and rewards of a college education.