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Serving the Beloit area for nearly years, the Help Yourself Programs are dedicated to preparing local youth to be successful in school and preparing students to attend a four-year institution of higher education. In recent years, 100% of our participants have graduated from high school, with 95% of them going on to a four year college immediately after graduation.

The Help Yourself Programs are comprised of two sub-programs: Mezzo Academy and Pre-Collegiate. The Mezzo Academy is for students in grades 6-8, while Pre-Collegiate is for 9th-12th grade students. The three primary goals of our programming are academic success, college access, and career exposure.

Students must fill out an application for participation during the school year and/or summer program. Students are selected to participate in the Help Yourself Programs based on their desire to attend college, their economic status, their attitude, and their ability to commit to the program as a family.