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What do graduates from Beloit College’s Health and Society program do?  Here are just a few of the positions that recent graduates hold:


HIV/AIDS Regional Services officer for Department of Health and Human Services Regional Office in Chicago.  In this job and her previous positions in this office, she has been responsible for building coalitions of providers, organizing conferences, working with educational materials developers, and working with grant applicants as expert.  She has enrolled part-time as an MPH student.

How did she get this position?  She started as an intern with the office after her 2nd year at Beloit, and just kept going back.  She’s very organized.

Project manager at EPIC systems in Madison, Wisconsin, where she will assist hospitals and clinics to implement electronic medical records systems.

How did she get there? She studied abroad in Ecuador, interned with a women’s health policy advocacy group, and worked on a study of health literacy at local health system and presented findings to management. 

Human Rights advocate, completed an MPH in Global Health from Harvard.  While there he participated in a study on violence against women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

How did he get there? His activism began at Beloit where he realized that he could be an agent of change. To work toward that goal, he participated in a needs assessment for the local health department, went on the Nicaragua Cities in Transition class, and studied abroad in Kenya. He returned to Kenya on a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship before enrolling at Harvard. 

Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control, completed her MPH in Epidemiology at Emory.  She went straight to graduate school, and worked with California State Department of Epidemiology between years of her MPH.

How did she end up here?  She was a strong student, with great quantitative skills. She worked summers with the Center for Gifted and Talented Youth. She studied abroad in Thailand, and worked on an environmental improvement project. 

Patient Registry Coordinator at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Washington, DC. This is an important first job in learning about how NGOs in health function. She plans to go on to get an MPH with a focus on health policy.  

How did she get there?  She studied abroad on the International Honors Program while at college, volunteered at the Field and Career Services office, and coordinated several programs. When she interviewed at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, she remembered to cite the Atul Gawande story, The Bell Curve, that she read in a Beloit College class on the health care system. They were impressed with her understanding of the medical and organizational challenges of CF control. 

Research assistant on a patient care project at the University of Iowa while she applies to medical school. 

How did she get there?  She started as a creative writing major, but was intrigued by public health. She studied the health care system and high rates of depression while on a semester in Hungary. She spent a summer doing outreach in poor neighborhoods with the Madison Health Department and assembled background needs assessment data for the Beloit African American Infant Mortality Coalition.

Primary care nurse practitioner, after accelerated nursing program and nurse practitioner program at Emory.

How did he get there?  Knowing that he was interested in nursing, he carefully took the prerequisites courses while also studying in health and medicine in Copenhagen, Denmark and doing research on strategies for infection control at a major medical center in the summers.  He was very active on campus in outreach activities.