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Study Abroad

Off-Campus Studies for Health and Society Majors

Many Beloit College students find that the courses in Health and Society major provide an academic context to community service and internships around the world.

Ecuador and Senegal

Beloit College study abroad programs in Quito, Ecuador and Dakar, Senegal have courses and internships that coordinate with the Health and Society major.P1060430.JPG

Both Quito and Dakar are part of Beloit College's innovative Cities in Transition program. Students who take part in these courses explore the urban environment and its history, its changes and the impact of these changes on the inhabitants.

Students who study in Dakar can take a course on "Advocacy, Policy Dialog and HIV/AIDS in Senegal" that enables them to learn about the successful strategies that Senegal has employed to contain the HIV/AIDS epidemic while visiting NGOs and doing community projects.


A one semester course, "Nicaragua in Transition: Health and Microcredit" focuses on Nicaragua 's tumultuous history and environmental challenges, as well as the practice of granting small loans for sustainable projects—known as microcredit. During spring break, students travel to Managua, Nicaragua, and surrounding rural areas to see the country for themselves and to consider how micro-credit is improving people's lives. Participating students have described this course as "life-changing." 

Other Study Abroad Programs

Health and Society majors have also explored global health issues and investigated multidisciplinary strategies for health improvement in many countries including South Africa, Denmark, Chile, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil through programs offered by Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), School for International Training (SIT) and International Honors Program (IHP).

Students who have participated in the ACM Tanzania program have been able to do research projects that connect to their interests and link biology, environment and society. Students have studied Bovine Tuberculosis in Human Cattle Herders, Factors that Women Employ to Avoid Maternal Mortality, and Sleep Patterns of Maasia Infants.

Domestic Study Away Programs

Health and Society majors have participated in the ACM Urban Studies program where they have been able to do internships in community agencies.