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Pharmacy (PharmD)

Interested in Pharmacy? Consider our Dual Degree Program with the Medical College of Wisconsin!

Most graduate Pharmacy programs require the following coursework*:

  • Biology:
    • Introductory biology course (e.g., BIOL 111: Zoology or BIOL 172: Human Biology),
    • Microbiology (BIOL 208), and
    • Biometrics (BIOL 247)
    • Anatomy (BIOL 256).
  • Chemistry:
    • Two semesters of General Chemistry (CHEM 117 and CHEM 220), and
    • Two semesters of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 230 and CHEM 235).
  • Two semesters of General Physics (PHYS 101 and 102)
  • Calculus I (MATH 110)
  • Principles of Economics (ECON 199)
  • Social Sciences: PYSC 100: Introduction to Psychology or SOCI 100: Introduction to Sociology
  • 1 semester of English with intensive writing
  • 1 semester of speech or public address
  • PCAT scores

*Individual schools may have specific requirements. Check the website of schools that you are particularly interested in applying to.

Consult the AACS and PharmCAS for Pre-pharmacy requirements and Course Prerequisites for pharmacy programs.

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