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Health Professions Advisory Committee

Advising for all students interested in and applying to medical-related graduate and professional programs.

Students presenting a medical poster.

At Beloit, we take an individualized approach to preparing students for admission to health professional training programs.

We usually have around 40 total students who are working towards a future healthcare career which includes: Allopathic Medicine (MD); Anesthesiologist Assistant (AA); Dentistry (DDS or DMD); Nursing (MSN); Optometry (OD); Osteopathic Medicine (DO); Pharmacy (PharmD); Physical Therapy (PT); Physician Assistant (PA); Podiatry (DPM); Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

Nearly all of the academic advising at Beloit is performed by faculty. Each student has a faculty advisor from the first day on campus. In addition to academic advisors, a student interested in a future health profession may elect to consult any and all of the faculty advisors on our Health Profession Advising Committee (HPAC).

This committee plays three major roles on campus:

  1. we make sure that students know what classes they should be taking to prepare for admission to health profession training programs and how and when to prepare for admission exams
  2. we evaluate students applying to medical training programs to provide a committee (or institutional) opinion of the applicant through the writing and submission of a committee letter to prospective training programs (this is important when you are applying in your 3rd or 4th years)
  3. we coordinate with local healthcare providers, alumni and the Beloit pre-health student club to help students understand and obtain the non-classroom experiences expected of competitive applicants.

We do not offer a formulaic process for students to follow. By the time that a student is in their third and fourth years, each has a unique narrative of academic, emotional, work, personal, interpersonal, and professional skills development towards their goal of a career in a healthcare profession.

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