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2007 Lab Abstracts

Student Symposium

Student Symposium will take place on Thursday, April 19. The Student Symposium schedule is available online.

A Murder in Chamberlin: A Criminal Forensics Lab

Skeletal remains were recently discovered in the Chamberlin basement.  Investigators are having difficulty piecing together the evidence of this case.  We need your help, as forensic scientists, to examine the evidence and determine a culprit.   This lab will serve as an introduction to fingerprint collection and examination, DNA comparison, hair analysis, and ballistics.

Chemiluminescence: The Chemistry of Glow Sticks

What's in a glow stick?  How does it glow?  Here, we will observe the different properties of a glow stick and run different experiments with glow sticks.  What happens when we change temperatures?  Why do they do the things that they do?  We will discuss why glow sticks are so special and so cool.   

Circuits Lab

Ever wonder how electronics work?  How light bulbs work?  What comes out of outlets; is it what you think?  Learn about the components of your house’s electronics by making your own circuits using batteries and light bulbs. 

Evolution and Genetics: Inheritance

Wonder why certain organisms have unique abilities and traits?  Why do you resemble one of your parents more than the other?  Ever wonder what makes you have "your grandmother's eyes?"  Evolution and genetics are two very important concepts in science which this lab will introduction you to.  We will talk about the basics of evolution, what it means and how it works.  We will analyze our own genetic traits (i.e. eye color, hair type, ear shape) 

Flowers and Fruit

Do you like the smell of roses, the taste of a delicious apple?  Did you ever wonder where they come from?  In this lab we’ll take a close look at some plants in the greenhouse and flowers under a microscope in search of how fruit came about.  We’ll then use the best way to test the taste of fruits: eating some!  

Harry Potter Potions

As Professor Snape once said potion-making is a subtle science and an exact art.  He taught us that color was everything.  Join some young women that have been inspired by Professor Snape’s work in the exploration of colors, as they show you how change water into a purple liquid, then into a pink liquid, or to make pink from dark green. We will explore many different experiments that will show the importance of exact measurements and timing. 

Magnetism: An Invisible Force

There are invisible forces all around us.  Do you ever wonder what cool things magnetism can do? Think like a physicist and come investigate how magnets and their invisible powers are used in things that we do every day!


Interested in owl anatomy, hunting adaptations and the food chain?  We will discuss general and cool owl facts and do activities that demonstrate how owls are adapted as nocturnal predators.  You will get to dissect owl pellets and examine them to learn what owls eat and how they and their prey are part of the food chain.    

Physics of Music: Good Vibrations!

Do you like music?!  Have you ever wondered where sound comes from?  Come to an hour of musical exploration and discover how instruments work!  Working with instruments, you will learn how sound is created on drums, string, and brass instruments.  Then using what you have learned about sound, you will build your own instrument.  Please join us and find out what good vibrations are all about! 

Stories in the Soil

What can we learn about the past from digging in the dirt?  A lot!  Join our dig, and find out how archaeologists discover ancient artifacts.  Learn how science helps us tell the stories of the people who left these objects behind. 

The Holodeck of Science

Put on your 3D glasses and try and reach out and touch images that pop right out of the screen. Step into a 3D world of molecules, movies, and videogames on our mini-IMAX-like projector. Build plastic chemical models to compare with 3D computer models.  Work with the technician to control 3D maps of geological formations and 3D simulations.  This cheap, easy, and fun real-life “Holodeck” is quite the show.  

Virtual Friends: They Do What You Want

Come play with Alice.  She will help you add people, objects, and animals to your virtual world.  She will let you control them with your mouse: making them move, spin, disappear, say something, and a lot more.  So, who is this Alice?  It is a 3D virtual world that lets you easily create a computer program to make it seem more like play than programming.  Best of all, it is free so you can continue your world after we play together!