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Online Reservations

Only campus community members with a beloit.edu email address can reserve spaces online in the Guest House.

  1. Please book a room through your Google Calendar by first clicking on a date and then selecting the Edit event option.
  2. Once the box opens:
    • Enter your initials on the event line;
    • Select the All day option; and
    • Choose the night(s) that you wish to stay.
  3. Then click on the Rooms drop down on the right side of the screen; click on Guest House, and the available apartments will be listed.
  4. Please select which apartment that you would like to reserve and Save.

Reservation by Phone or Email

If you do not have a beloit.edu email address, please call Jodie Vogt at 608-363-2631 or
email guesthouse@beloit.edu with the guest(s) name, nights of stay, and contact information. 


  • Apartment C is given in Red.
  • Apartment D is given in Green.
  • Apartment E is given in Blue.

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