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Institutional Tracking and Response to Grievances

Written, formal grievances and responses to them will be tracked by the Secretary of the College. A written description of the actions taken by the relevant officer will include:

  • The date the complaint was first formally submitted to the Officer;
  • The nature of the complaint;
  • The steps taken by the Officer and/or College to resolve the complaint;
  • The College‚Äôs final decision regarding the complaint, including referrals made to outside agencies. 

Copies of the written student complaint and the written description of action submitted by the Officer will be maintained for a period of two years, after which they will be purged while ensuring confidentiality.

The Secretary of the College will annually compile a report to senior staff that includes:
  • The total number of complaints received;
  • The types of complaints received by generic category
  • The total number of complaints referred to external agencies for final resolution
  • A summary record of each complaint received, the action taken by the Officer and/or College, and information concerning a referral to an external agency for final resolution.

The Annual Institutional Record of Student Complaints will not include names of any students or individuals involved in the facts of the complaints.  The senior staff will use the information to develop any needed changes. These review proceedings will be available to the Higher Learning Commission reviewers during any visit to the College.