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Grievance Resolution Process

Grievance definition

A grievance alleges that the College or one of its agents has violated institutional policies, accreditor policies, federal or state laws, or any other agreements joined by Beloit College. Grounds for a grievance include failures in the provision of a program of study or related academic or administrative service, or institutional policies that negatively affect the quality of a student’s learning opportunities. Grievances fall outside of standard College processes (e.g., grade dispute process, conduct appeals, etc.), as outlined in the Beloit College Catalog, the Student Handbook, the Administrative Policy Manual, or the Staff Handbook, and require that students have already first exhausted established Beloit College processes and mechanisms to address their concern.

Any student who believes they have been subject to unjust actions or denied of their rights is expected to make a reasonable effort to resolve the matter before seeking formal resolution through this grievance process. The student should request a meeting with the parties directly involved, describing the nature of the grievance and a desirable resolution. Parties are encouraged to try to find a reasonable and satisfactory resolution.

If the parties involved in the grievance are unable to find a satisfactory resolution and further action is desired, students must follow the following process. Students may file a grievance up to 120 calendar days from the date of the incident. They may not file anonymously.

Process for filing a grievance

Students wishing to file a grievance against Beloit College may do so by completing the online Student Grievance Form. Students can also file a grievance by speaking with one of the following designated personnel, then completing a Student Grievance Form:

  • Academic program/accreditation:
    Associate Dean of the College, Lisa Anderson-Levy
  • Student and campus life:
    Associate Dean of Students, Teresa Leopold
  • Tuition/fee payments:
    Controller, Tim Miles
  • Admissions eligibility:
    Senior Associate Director of Enrollment Operations, Kate Virgo
  • Academic records:
    Registrar, Mary Boros-Kazai
  • Loans, scholarships, grants: 
    Financial Aid Office
  • Employment, including student employment, employee conflicts:
    Director of Human Resources, Heather McLean
  • Harassment, sexual assault, hate acts or bias:
    Associate Dean for Inclusive Living & Learning and Title IX Coordinator, Cecil Youngblood 608-363-2404

Students’ confidentiality will be protected within reason, but officials of the College may require access to students’ educational records in order to fully investigate the grievance. Students who are initiating a grievance against Beloit College must authorize release of information necessary to investigate the grievance, if needed to pursue resolution of the grievance.

What happens after filing a grievance

  1. The student will receive, within 5 business days, a written response from the designated personnel relevant to their grievance, including a determination of whether the issue/incident constitutes a grievance according to Beloit College’s policy and definition. If the issue/incident submitted does not constitute a grievance according to Beloit College’s policy and definition, the student will be informed in writing, and the College process will be considered concluded.
  2. If the issue/incident submitted constitutes a grievance, according to Beloit College’s policy and definition, the designated personnel will meet with the student and any other relevant parties to discuss the issue/incident which led to the filing of the grievance. Any meetings pertaining to the investigation of the grievance will be conducted as quickly as possible, generally within 10 business days.
  3. The designated personnel, in consultation with the appropriate Vice President(s), will identify (an) appropriate resolution(s), generally within 10 business days after concluding the investigation. The designated personnel will inform the student in writing of the resolution(s). Decisions regarding resolutions are not subject to internal appeal.
  4. The entire process will generally be concluded within 30 business days of the initial receipt of the grievance.