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Base Annual Development Funding Guidelines

Full-time tenured and full-time adjunct faculty members are entitled to a base annual amount (BAA) of $1,500 (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018) to support travel and projects related to professional activities.  All expenses are subject to the College's standard rules of reimbursement.

Pre-tenure tenure-track faculty members are entitled to a BAA of $2,000, for the same purpose and subject to the same rules.

Part-time adjunct faculty and staff with teaching responsibilities are entitled to a BAA in proportion to their teaching load, for the same purpose and subject to the same rules.

For all requests in excess of the BAA, applicants should use the online proposal form:   online form.  Please answer all questions on the form.  Your proposal will be automatically submitted (you should receive a confirmation email).

Proposals are reviewed six times per year and are due on:

July 1, September 15, November 1, February 1, April 1, and May 1.  May 1 is the last date to request funds for events or projects occurring prior to June 30.

Faculty holding visiting or non-full-time adjunct appointments should refer to their appointment letter regarding their eligibility for professional development funds, which are provided and managed by the Provost's Office.  Rather than applying to PPDC, faculty members wishing to access these professional development funds should submit a brief application and budget to Associate Dean Lisa Anderson-Levy.