Keefer Junior Faculty Grants

Keefer Funds for Junior Faculty

Fall 2010

With their establishment in 1988, the Keefer Funds sought to offer newer faculty at Beloit the opportunity to develop and pursue their research agendas “with a minimum of red-tape and a maximum of flexibility.”  The aim of these funds is to support research projects and professional development not routinely covered in the regular college budget.  These may include “start up costs,” the acquisition of equipment that supports faculty members’ teaching and research interests, and travel expenses related to research projects.

Through the Keefer funds, each new tenure-track faculty member at Beloit will receive a $6000 account that they may use at their discretion for the advancement of their teaching and research agendas. These accounts will be closed at the first semester following the faculty member’s first sabbatical or the beginning of the academic year that follows the faculty member’s tenure at the college, whichever comes later, with any remaining funds reallocated to future tenure-track faculty members.

Recognizing the many ways that faculty members may pursue professional development, we offer the following examples of appropriate use of Keefer funds:

  • the purchase of scientific or artistic equipment that supports one’s research, creative work, and/or teaching but is not covered by the normal operating budget of the college
  • the purchase of technology or software that supports one’s research and teaching but is not covered by the normal operating budget of the college
  • the purchase of books or other publications related to one’s research and teaching
  • support of travel beyond the annual PPDC award that supports a sustained research or creative project

All expenditures and reimbursements should be supported by itemized receipts and turned in with an expense report to Sheila Gustafson in the dean’s office.

Discussion of the use of these funds and the advancement of faculty members’ professional development will be a part of the discussion with the dean and the chair of the Faculty Status and Performance during tenure-track faculty members’ biannual review process.