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Internal Funding

The main internal source of grants for faculty development is the Professional and Program Development Committee (PPDC), which believes that by strengthening the knowledge and resources of Beloit College faculty, Beloit College as an educational institution will be strengthened. It is PPDC's purpose to assist faculty research and professional development efforts by granting funds for individual and collaborative project and travel costs. In 2014-15, PPDC members are: Lisl Walsh (Chair), Linda Sturtz, Fran Abbate, and Matt Tedesco, Associate Dean (ex-officio).

Keefer Funds support professional development activities for both junior and senior faculty members.

The Summer Sanger Research Program focuses on collaboration between faculty and students on a sustained research projects, with particular focus on moving that research toward public presentation and/or publication. For more information  on the Sanger Summer Research Program, please contact Charles Westerberg.