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Students walk near the campus sign that greets visitors to the Beloit College campus.

There’s an enormous difference between getting an education, and being so immersed, so transformed, so completely enthralled with living and learning here that your education never really starts or stops. That’s Beloit.

Your support helps provide a foundation for this important work. Read below about some of the amazing people who make Beloit, well…Beloit.

See for Yourself:


Dr. Atiera Coleman’10

Full-Circle Mentorship

Dr. Atiera Coleman’10 is an amazing mentor because of the mentorship she received when she herself was a Beloit College student.

Guadalupe Orbezo-Perez’20

Caring for Diverse Populations

Guadalupe Orbezo-Perez’20, a senior biochemistry and psychology double major, French minor, and Pakula Biomedical Scholar, aspires to be a clinical psychologist, adding “I am trilingual and we need clinicians who can care for diverse populations.”

Mya Hernandez’21 dancing.

Dancing Through Life

Mya Hernandez’21 brings dance to all aspects of her Beloit experience, from classes to extracurriculars to working off campus.

Nathan Marklin’21 running at the 2018 Homecoming parade.

Off Campus Opportunities and Athletics

Nathan Marklin’21 never expected all the experiences he’s having at Beloit. Most of all, he was surprised by the ways he applied his Spanish coursework outside the classroom.

Brooks Riendl’99

A Passionate Advocate for Beloit

I regularly host Beloiters Unite events, admitted student receptions, and have served on the Alumni Board for five years. I am a passionate advocate of Beloit to any and all who will listen.

Shivangi Ambardar’21

Economics and a Rock Band

A serious economics student, Shivangi Ambardar’21 also spent a summer interning with the Chicago-based rock band, Manwolves, receiving a hands-on introduction to how business works in the music industry. How cool is that? Beloit students are never singular, are they?

Lauren Glaser’20

Rigorous Academics and Group Work

Lauren Glaser’20, through opportunities to play basketball and join a sorority, recognized how to best work as a part of a team, a skill she will take into her work in pre-health.


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