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Chelonian Society

Chelonian Society
The turtle is an apt metaphor for the lifelong Beloit experience. As Beloiters develop and grow, so grows a unique shell. A shell provides an outlet to express identity and values, while providing resources to venture forth into fulfilling lives of purpose and consequence. And as they explore the world, their Beloit experience is always with them. It is their protection from the elements and the vagaries of life. It provides the tools to adapt and move freely through the world. And most importantly, it is a home to which they can always return.

The Beloit family stretches beyond generations and across the world, because, as you know, it’s turtles all the way down. Just as turtles are united through the order, Chelonia, Beloiters are all united. Fulfilling the responsibilities of the order and ensuring that Beloiters can continue to adapt and grow with the resources tucked in their shells, the Chelonian Society provides support for generations of turtles to come.


The Walter S. Haven Circle

Commitment.  As the first donor to the Alumni Fund, his era’s equivalent of the Beloiter Fund, Walter Silas Haven understood the significance of lifetime giving. A firm supporter of a liberal arts education, his desire to provide a broad-minded pursuit of knowledge and truth was evident through his generosity; including a scholarship fund, the construction of Haven Hall in 1927, and the establishment of a trust to further scientific research and inquiry.

Just as Haven supported scholarly inquiry, your gifts can realize that same thirst for knowledge and broad worldviews for a current Beloiter. Gifts at this level can provide the resources to pursue enriching learning opportunities.

The Marjorie Brown Leff’33 Circle

$5,000 - $9,999

Marjorie Brown Leff’33 graduated from Beloit College in 1933 and returned to teach music theory in 1947. Every year, Leff lived her passion for Beloit through action. She made significant annual gifts to the college for scholarships and encouraged several relatives to attend Beloit. It is turtles all the way down indeed for Leff’s family. At last count, 50 members of her family attended Beloit, beginning in the 1850s, and many attended through Leff’s enthusiasm for Beloit. To memorialize her passion, a scholarship for outstanding string musicians was established in her name.

Members of The Marjorie Brown Leff’33 Circle can’t contain their adoration for Beloit, and their gifts enable opportunity for others to tell the Beloit story across the world.

The Laurence Ousley Circle

$10,000 - $24,999

Devotion.  One of the first African-Americans to attend Beloit College in the 1890s, Laurence Ousley was also one of its biggest benefactors. He shared his mother’s commitment to education, and with his help, his sister, Grace, became the college’s first African-American woman graduate. A true Beloiter, Ousley had a hunger for knowledge and the spirit of resourcefulness. In fact, throughout his 38 years as the janitor at the Beloit Public Library, Ousley read every single book in the library’s holdings, a number over 12,000. Upon his death, Ousley donated his entire life savings and his family home to Beloit College to support the advancement of minority students.

Ousley’s intrinsic love of lifelong learning and devotion to put that learning into action runs deep at Beloit. Your gift can provide opportunities for Beloiters to put their liberal arts education into practice.  

The Harry C. Moore Circle

$25,000 +

Leadership.  Harry C. Moore brought the leadership he had honed at Beloit Iron Works as president, chairman, and CEO to Beloit College when he joined the Board of Trustees in 1961. Serving as Chair of the Board of Trustees and on every committee of the board, Moore’s leadership is paled only by his commitment to philanthropy and international education. Moore gave abundantly to support Beloit’s mission, and in 1986, furthered the college’s goal to be a leading global institution through the Moore Scholars program. Generations of students from around the world have received financial support for their Beloit education as a result of his generosity.

In his memory, The Harry C. Moore Circle celebrates leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to Beloit and her mission. Your gift will provide transformational opportunities for Beloiters.