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For many, scholarship support helps make ambitious Beloit experiences possible. More than 93% of Beloiters received scholarship support, totaling nearly $20 million annually. These financial aid packages are provided through the support of the college’s alumni and friends--it's brought to them by Beloiters.

There are several ways to support Beloiters today through scholarships, including:

General Scholarships: Gifts of any size

Your gift to scholarships enables Beloiters to enjoy transformational experiences now. 

Looking forward in my academic career at Beloit, I hope to take advantage of the amazing professors and courses the college has to offer.  I hope to gain as much knowledge as possible before I enter the working world this December.

-Ryan Sughroue'18

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Beloiter Fund Scholarship: $2,500

An annual gift of $2,500 will provide a Beloiter with a named scholarship to help make their Beloit experience possible for one year. You can name your scholarship in honor or in memory of a friend, favorite professor, yourself and significant other, your family, etc. Read about students who have already benefited from your support!

I am looking forward to completing my majors this year and applying to graduate school in economics! I am also looking forward to presenting my summer research in Blockade games later this semester. 

-Nisha Bhatta'18

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Endowed Named Scholarship Fund: minimum $25,000

Endowed scholarship funds make it possible for Beloit to admit the most qualified applicants, regardless of their family’s ability to shoulder the full cost of a Beloit education. It takes gifts totaling at least $25,000 to create a named scholarship fund that will begin making grants to students.

I hope to pursue my PhD in Political Science. I am also interested in continuing my research on Ferguson, Missouri and in the future I hope to publish my work. I have many long-term goals, including plans to become a professor, get involved with think tanks around issues I'm passionate about, and eventually to run for political office.

-MJ Strawbridge'19

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Endowed Chairs/Professorships: $2 million

Quality faculty form the backbone of Beloit, and receiving a named endowed professorship is a mark of teaching excellence. A named endowment of $2 million or more will yield support for a professor’s salary and benefits, and provide additional funds for scholarship research and professional development. A full roster of prestigious endowed chairs will not only honor our most distinguished senior faculty, it will also enable the college to attract and retain the best young scholars and teachers in the future.

I definitely want to maintain a high academic performance in my courses at Beloit. But more importantly, I want to connect with more people! Talk to faculty members, international students, domestic students, alumni, the local community – anyone and everyone I can learn from and become a better person.

-Shambhavi Upadhyaya'19

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Whose experiences are made possible by your scholarship support.

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