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Ryan Sughroue'18

Duffy Community Partner

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics
Hometown: Roscoe, Il
Program Mentor: Carol Wickersham, Adjunct Instructor of Sociology and Director of the Duffy Community Partnerships and the Leadership Initiative
Duffy Sites: Hendricks Commercial Properties (Spring 2016), Kerry Foodservice (Fall 2017)
Site Supervisor: Erin Wellnitz

Share a little bit about your experience in the Duffy Community Partnership program.

During my time at Hendricks Commercial properties, I spent a lot of time looking for and researching possible areas for the company to purchase property. This involved analyzing demographic and income characteristics to help determine whether or not it would be profitable to purchase property in that area.

At Kerry Foodservice, I am working in the marketing and finance departments. So far, I have been working on projects to help reduce costs in the company’s marketing efforts. In order to do this, I am looking closely at data and information from previous months and years and I am analyzing it to make suggestions on how the company can save money. These projects also involve meeting with upper management to learn more about Kerry and their products, so I can make the most informed suggestions as possible.

How has your work through the Duffy Community Partnerships program informed your vision for the future of your education?

The work I have done through the Duffy Community Partnerships program has allowed me to gain experience in corporate businesses, and has help me learn what I am interested in. My experiences at Kerry Foodservice and Hendricks Commercial Properties has shown me that my true passion is in analyzing data and information. In the future, I will continue to take statistics and data visualizations courses, and I will pursue a career that involves the use of past information to make decisions for the future.

What have you found most interesting about the Duffy program?

What I have found most interesting about the work I have done through the Duffy program is how such large companies contribute to the overall Beloit society. Even though Kerry and Hendricks Commercial Properties are large national and global companies, they are very invested in the well-being of Beloit. I was able to witness, first-hand, the time and effort that Hendricks Commercial Properties puts in to help bring businesses and jobs into Beloit to help develop the economy of the city.

Describe your experience working in the community and at your sites.

My experiences at Kerry Foodservice and Hendricks Commercial Properties have both been truly wonderful and educational experiences. The people at both companies have been very welcoming and willing to help me learn more about their respective industries. The classes I have taken at Beloit College have been extremely beneficial, but meaningful experience in the work place is impossible to put a value on. The combination of a great Beloit College education and valuable work experiences is something that I am very grateful for.

After completing your program, what are you looking forward to most?

Looking forward in my academic career at Beloit, I hope to take advantage of the amazing professors and courses the college has to offer.  I hope to gain as much knowledge as possible before I enter the working world this December.