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Georgia Armitage'19, History & International Political Economy Major from Salem, Oregon

December 2018

Majors: History & International Political Economy
Salem, Oregon

Georgia Armitage'19

How did you hear about Beloit College?
I found Beloit through the book “Colleges That Change Lives” by Loren Pope.

What off-campus opportunities have you enjoyed?
Medievalist, ACM Newberry Program - Fall of 2017
I wrote a paper about Neo-Gothic Architecture in 1920s Chicago and presented it for the scholars at the library, and then again at Beloit for Student Symposium. I had an absolutely amazing time – it was basically nerd heaven for me, tons of old books and excited humanities majors. I even got to mess around with an uncatalogued church archive
Last summer, I interned with the Rock County Historical Society. There I helped develop a digitization workflow, a series of steps explaining how to digitize photographs. I loved playing around with the old photographs and helping volunteers and patrons. Plus, it’s fascinating  to learn how archival materials are organized and how to explore an archive without a digital catalogue. Card catalogs are magical!

What has been your favorite class so far?
My favorite class so far has been the economics senior seminar taught by Diep Phan. We’re discussing the impacts of globalization on the world. More than that, as part of that class, I”m doing a quantitative research looking at the impacts of remittances on children’s educational outcomes. The professor of this class is the reason I chose Beloit. I sat in on one of her classes and they were examining a case study on where to put a company. I also have really liked Matthew Taylor’s ancient warfare class.

What’s been your biggest academic challenge?
My off campus study at the Newberry Library in Chicago was my biggest academic challenge. It was hard to be away from Beloit and to grow a network in Chicago.

What is your favorite space on campus?
I love Java Joint -- it’s wonderful to have place where you’re almost certain to run into anyone and everyone.

Where are you and your friends on Saturday night?
My friends and I are usually at one of two choices: we are either at Java Joint playing pandemic and enjoying ice cream, or we will rent a projector from IT and watch musicals and movies.

What would your advice be to future Beloiters?
My advice is to talk to people, engage with everyone, and people are always open to talking.  Some of the strengths of being here at Beloit are getting to know professors and students, and leverage a support network
Both Ellen Joyce and Laura Grube have been there for me since I started here as a freshman. I love pestering them (and watching their pets outside of classes). Ellen and Laura have both helped me sort through everything from classwork to existential crisis. Beloit mixes the personal and professional in such wonderful and unexpected ways. I’ve always felt so lucky that I feel comfortable chatting with my professors and asking them for advice, and I know if I tried to list everyone who’s helped me I would run out of space.

How do you think Beloit has prepared you for post-college?
Beloit has prepared me for post college by making me think critically about things, to always question things, question what are things missing, and to do the same with people, and try to have empathy for them.