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Your Beloit Dreams Can Come True with Careful Planning

"Beloit College provided the fertile ground for my intellectual growth and self-discovery. My current giving underscores my appreciation for the education and deep-rooted friendships that—to this day—continue to define me." —Duncan Rotch'92

Duncan Rotch'92 values his Beloit College education and is passionate about supporting a place that means so much to him. In fact, his philanthropic dreams for Beloit—of which he admits he has many, but can afford few—include an endowed gift as well as a bequest. And, he knows he can achieve these goals with careful planning and conversation with Beloit's gift planning office.

Currently, Duncan supports the Beloiter Fund via direct debit as a way of giving regular support to the community of faculty and student learning that he cherishes. "I am proud of my decision to become a consistent participant in the annual fund," he says. "Giving monthly via direct debit enables me to contribute a larger amount than I would consider if I were writing a check in December of each year. With such simplicity, Beloit has evolved into my philanthropic priority." And for Duncan and his family, this is step one. 

His future giving plans include establishing an endowed fund for need-based financial aid or other future funding priorities of the college. For Duncan, this gift would require timing, engagement, and an as-of-yet unidentified asset with which he is ready to part. 

"The opportunity to leave a legacy in a small corner of the world that means so much to me would represent a crowning achievement," he says, adding that realistically, his ultimate gift may need to arrive after his passing via bequest. Or, perhaps the college will be named as a beneficiary to his retirement account, or even yet, his gift could take form as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust. His musings represent the many planned giving options available at Beloit. And, for Duncan and his family, it's about timing and choices. And, today, the time is right for giving via direct debit.

About the Donors
Duncan lives with his wife, Jenny Hudson, and son, Augustus, in Portland, Ore., where he works as a major gift officer for Reed College. He majored in creative writing at Beloit and then earned a master's degree in English literature from Portland State University. He serves on the development committee of the Beloit College Alumni Board of Directors and is also a resource for the Beloit Career Network.  

His best memories from Beloit, he says, drew from experiences outside of class: "Discussing paper topics with Lisa Haines Wright in her office on the southwestern side of WAC. The sun set into darkness with just one 60-watt light bulb burning on the desk. The fear of Commons closing clutched at my stomach. It was then I realized I had arrived. My ideas were being heard, considered, and transformed. Lisa, IOU."

Direct Debit Nuts and Bolts
Supporting Beloit through a direct debit gift is easy and familiar. With careful thought toward your philanthropic goals, and a few moments filling out a form, you can achieve your giving goals. If you direct deposit your paycheck into your bank account, you'll be familiar with the process. Your direct debit can be set up monthly for the fiscal year, calendar year, or indefinitely—whatever works the best for you. 

Once set up, your gift will be deposited to Beloit once a month just like clockwork. Your bank statement will reflect the transfer, and you will receive a gift receipt from the college. It is also just as easy to change the amount of your gift or, if necessary, to cancel. What about matching gifts? If your employer offers matching gifts, contact your representative, as your gift may still be eligible through direct debit, enabling you to expand your giving footprint.

I'm Ready, How do I Proceed? 
Take some time to reflect upon your giving and the impact you'd like to have for Beloit. Once you've decided on an amount, fill out the Direct Debit Authorization Form, print it, and send it to the college. Then sign up for automatic one-time or monthly deductions from your bank or credit union account. (Direct debit is available only through United States financial institutions.) 

Contact the Beloit College Gift Planning Office at 1-800-331-4943 or