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Beloit Alumnus Helping Students Chase Their Dreams

Dan Richard'69_2

Dan Richard'69 and his nephew Nigel Richard'08 look at the dictionary donated in 1967 by Dan's TKE Kappa Chapter to the Robert H. Morse Library.

Even though updating the documents in an estate plan is one of those chores that often gets postponed indefinitely, Beloit alumnus Dan Gooder Richard '69 took the initiative to revisit the trust documents he originally wrote 12 years ago.

By working with his attorney and with Beloit College this summer, Richard created a plan that will provide ongoing resources for student jobs at a place he loves on campus—Morse Library.

Richard, who lives in Arlington, Va., fondly remembers his own student employment at the library, where his favorite job was keeping the magazine and bound periodicals section in order. The many hours spent leafing through hundreds of magazine titles in Morse's collections inspired him to get a master's degree in magazine journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1978 and to pursue a career in publishing. He is founder and president of the Gooder Group, a provider of real estate marketing materials since 1983.

In revising his trust, Richard established a bequest gift to Beloit College that will create the Dan Gooder Richard Fund. This special agreement provides instructions for administering the fund to support student library jobs. "May they spend hours working for the library—not with the intention that they pursue library sciences particularly, but that they develop a love of knowledge, research and information, and how to advance themselves with those tools," Richard says.

"At the outset of the process, I did not know where to start," Richard says, "but through several conversations with college staff, I realized my affection for Beloit and the Morse Library was not focused on the collections or physical plant. The more we talked, the more I realized I wanted my bequest to go toward an enhancement beyond general operations. Creating a fund for student employment is the perfect solution, and it pays forward my experience at Beloit."