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Silvija Martincevic'02


From her village in Croatia, Silvija Martincevic's journey to Beloit was a leap toward new opportunity. She was the first in her village to go to college.

"My first class was with [Professor] Beth Dougherty... about the war in Croatia. She knew more about my country than I did. It was amazing to be learning different things, changing, seeing my reality in a new light," she recalls. "Beloit faculty empowered me to do anything I want. Many colleges do that, but what I found unique to Beloit are the relationships and friendships—between students and faculty."

Majoring in international relations, German, and economics, she learned the meaning of free and open discussion, of looking at things from a global perspective, and of taking the initiative on behalf of oneself and others.

Two years after graduation, Silvija is president and a founder of "Zenna," a women-owned financial services company in Chicago. In the future, she plans to apply her education and financial experience to developing Croatia's capital markets. She looks forward to helping future international students experience Beloit's unique benefits. "I am very grateful that Beloit recognized my potential."