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Steve and Kathi Mahle


World-shaking events were part of Steve and Kathi Austin Mahle's education at Beloit in the 1960s. JFK was assassinated during their first year; the march on Selma took place during their second.

Kathi: "We had a similar walk from campus in solidarity with the civil rights marchers in Selma...our Beloit-to-Madison march. As Beloit students, we had some especially frank discussions about current events—outspoken some might say. Beloit was a college that sought to connect us to the world, not shelter us from it."

Steve, a physics major who is now president of Medtronic's Cardiac Rhythm Management, and Kathi, who now serves as a resource consultant to United Methodist clergy and congregations in Minnesota, fondly recall the experience of attending a small school with a special ability to look out on the world and invite the world in.

Steve: "Even though I was a physics major with a lot to learn in that field, Beloit paid special attention to broadening my knowledge, emphasizing relationships not only between fields of study, but among different kinds of people. The sense of curiosity about the world that we developed there has served us well in business and in life."