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Judith Miller'72

Judith Miller

For too many people, Beloit is a well-kept secret.

As a high school senior in Ohio, Judith Miller'72 had never heard of Beloit, but her guidance counselor thought she should look into it. “I loved the international aspect...the Beloit Plan...the kinds of classes being offered. It seemed very different...very distinctive.”

At her enrollment, Judith had no hint of where her Beloit education would lead. She thought about teaching. She explored many subjects—a challenging 19th-century French literature class, classes on constitutional and business law. A light went on.

"My exposure to law at Beloit was a turning point. I found it interesting...even fun. When Yale Law School accepted me, I worried that I might be less prepared than others. But it became clear that the writing...the interaction...the simple awareness of this huge world that I had gained at Beloit prepared me exceptionally well.”

Today a partner with a leading Washington D.C. law firm, Judith was formerly the longest-serving General Counsel for the Department of Defense.

"You are shaped not just by those who go out into the world from Beloit, but by the many international students who come to Beloit with their own worldly experiences. Dealing with such cultural variety at that age is life-changing.”