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Bill Fitzgerald'86


For Bill Fitzgerald'86, the unique experience that is Beloit began before he enrolled.

“What clinched my decision to attend Beloit was sitting in on a philosophy class. Eight students were in a discussion with [former Professor] John Wyatt, sharing ideas. It was almost a conversation as he picked up on their thoughts and expanded on them.”

Bill graduated from Beloit, then graduate business school at the University of Chicago. Today, as managing director of Nuveen Asset Management, he finds that his Beloit experience informs his life and his work.

“In the liberal arts, I learned that it’s important to set the right moral tone and communicate your ethical values through your thoughts and actions, demonstrating who you are through what you do. The fact that people I met at Beloit spanned the spectrum of personal views...that it was such an accepting place...helps me understand and communicate with so many different people and value them for who they are.”

Still actively involved at Beloit, he believes that the College continues to do what it did for him.

“Beloit created an environment for me to explore…where I could be who I am… study what I want to study…find people to talk about my interests and views and learn from theirs. The same approach, the same commitment to students is there today.”