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Dave and Jane Karr Threinen

Dave_Jane Threinen

Like most Beloit College students, Dave'56 and Jane Karr Threinan'56 received a helping hand while at Beloit. With their education enhanced by grants, scholarships, and donor gifts, they value the opportunities Beloit College offered them. Now, as a life trustee and secretary of the local Chapin Society, Dave, and his wife Jane, are giving back to the school that gave them their start 50 years ago.

"Many of us attended school having our way partially paid. It was always my intention to pay that back in some way. The celebration or our 50th reunion provides an excellent opportunity to do more for our alma mater. Our gifts and pledges can really make a difference."

His wife Jane agrees. "We remember our years at Beloit with fondness, and it's time for us to say 'thank you'."