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Jon Van Niewaal'01 and Sarah Ruja Van Niewaal'02


Recent graduates have a lot of financial pressures on them, like repaying student loans, career pursuits, and relocation for starters. While a sizable financial contribution to Beloit might seem unrealistic, many younger alumni are taking advantage opportunities that help a modest commitment grow into a substantial gift over time. Sarah Ruja Van Niewaal'02 and Jon Van Niewaal'01 provide a great example.

Jon and I believe in giving back to the College that gave us so much," says Sarah. "It's important to help Beloit provide its students with the means to learn about the world and themselves. We hope our giving back will inspire other alumni to get on board."

The Van Niewaals recently pledged to make an annual gift to the College for each of the next five years. In addition, Jon's employer, IBM, provides a 3:1 equipment matching program, which triples the size of their annual gift, and provides essential IBM equipment and technology for the new Center for the Sciences. Their multi-year commitment, coupled with their matching gift, effectively results in generating an important enhancement to the Classic. Daring. Life-Changing. campaign.