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Bill Fitzgerald'86


"When I was a student, 90 percent of the students were on some form of financial aid," remembers trustee and campaign leader Bill Fitzgerald'86. "What made Beloit affordable for my family was our unique Moral Obligation Scholarship program, whereby the College funds a portion of a student's tuition, with the understanding that the student will voluntarily assume an obligation to participate in the funding of future students." Fitzgerald has taken this obligation seriously over the years and recently decided to establish an endowed scholarship fund in honor of his father.

"In my father's day, a college education was a privilege, and viewed in our family as an unusual opportunity to experience life in new and exciting ways. Establishing this fund in my father's honor recognizes my debt to him in a way that will benefit generations of families who also view education as the avenue of opportunity. The day I offered my father the John F. Fitzgerald Endowed Scholarship proclamation was one of the most memorable days of my life."

As chair of the Board's Investment Committee, Fitzgerald is acutely aware of the importance of increasing endowed funds—funds that are perpetuated by investing in the future—as a priority of the Classic. Daring. Life-Changing. campaign. "Funds expended for student scholarships make up one of the most significant line items in the College's annual operating budget. Scholarships enable the College to attract students from every culture and country, regardless of their ability to pay."