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Betty Rearick Chenoweth’55

Betty Chenoweth'55

For Betty Rearick Chenoweth’55, life is all about connections – among ideas, generations, cultures and alma mater. These connections, she believes, are likely to make a difference in the future.

As a stalwart proponent of interdisciplinary education, lifelong learning, and active citizenship, she is entrepreneurial in her approach. Chenoweth has recently dedicated annual earnings from a $150,000 charitable remainder unitrust to a “venture fund” for students engaged in international studies overseas with the idea that the students could explore something “extra” as a part of their experience. The new International Education Venture Fund offers students opportunities to focus on areas of particular interest through research, internships, or service-learning activities in other countries in the summer and/or as an extension of their study-abroad experiences.

“Funding the dreams of Beloit students is a satisfying investment,” Chenoweth says. “These days, they are doing a lot of things we would never have considered,” adding that Beloit has always been an incubator for ideas and opportunities in both interdisciplinary and international education. “It’s neat to learn about what they’re doing. I guess I’m living vicariously through them.”

Photo: At her 50th reunion, Betty Rearick Chenoweth’55 received the attendance award on behalf of her class. Chenoweth’s recent creative gift supports Beloit students on international ventures.