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Jared Dornburg'61


When the late Jared Dornburg’61 stepped onto Beloit’s campus, he made a leap into a wider world. He was among the first Beloiters to study abroad with the advent of the World Outlook Program, Beloit’s precursor to today's International Education program, and his 35-year career in international banking took him around the world … and back to Beloit.

“He believed that every success that came to him was owed to Beloit College,” says his widow, Kimiko Dornburg (Washington, D.C.), who recounts that Jared was able to attend college only because of the scholarship Beloit offered him. Though her husband passed away in 2000, Dornburg continues to support Beloit each year and to honor her husband’s undying wish to give back to the College that gave him so much.

This year, the Dornburg family’s gift funded international student orientation activities, the goals of which are to help students settle in and begin to acclimate to the new campus, city, culture, and language before the start of New Student Days. The orientation also provides an overview of immigration issues and campus/community resources that are particularly useful for international students. This type of support is critical groundwork for a successful experience, according to Elizabeth Brewer, Beloit’s director of the office of international education.

Dornburg, who was born in Japan and educated in the United States, is an ardent proponent of international cooperation. “Education, especially global awareness,” she says, “is the answer to almost all the problems the world faces.”