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James Flood'49


James Flood’49 and Joan Dahlquist Flood’47 survey improvements being made to the Sports Center during a recent campus visit.

Twenty years ago, Beloit’s Sport Center was among the best such college facilities in the country. Today, a new gift commitment and fund-raising effort will keep the center at the top of its game.

James J. Flood’49 and Joan Dahlquist Flood’47 are instrumental in both of the Sports Center’s quality initiatives, two decades apart. In the mid-1980s, they gave $1 million toward construction of the center, resulting in a basketball arena named in their honor. This year, the couple is providing funds to refurbish the Flood Arena, including the installation of a new sound system and scoreboard and the renovation of intramural and intercollegiate locker rooms.

“It’s important that it provide a good experience for the public, opposing teams, and Beloit students,” says Flood, who has been a trustee since 1984. “I want Beloit’s facilities to be on par with – or better than – what other schools have.”  

At the same time, students are leading a major effort to update the fitness center. Peter Bartanen’08 (Tacoma, Washington) and Alec Chiquoine’07 (now living in Chicago) initiated campus-wide surveys and discussions through Beloit Student Congress.          

More than 300 students, from athletes to casual users, weighed in on ways to improve the fitness center. As a result, Beloit Student Congress appropriated $50,000 from its student-life operating budget and the College responded by adding $75,000 toward funding the upgrades.

“I think it’s wonderful that the students are taking this on themselves,” says Flood, whose illustrious business career included leadership of companies in the travel and resort industries. “Think of what they’ll learn in the process.”