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Donor Stories

  • Judith Miller'72

    Judith Miller"…it became clear that the writing...the interaction...the simple awareness of this huge world that I had gained at Beloit prepared me exceptionally well."

    For too many people, Beloit is a well-kept secret.

    As a high school senior in Ohio, Judith Miller'72 had never heard of Beloit, but her guidance counselor thought she should look into it. "I loved the international aspect...the Beloit Plan...the kinds of classes being offered. It seemed very different...very distinctive."

  • Bill Fitzgerald'86

    Bill'86"Beloit created an environment for me to explore…where I could be who I am… study what I want to study…find people to talk about my interests and views and learn from theirs."

    For Bill Fitzgerald'86, the unique experience that is Beloit began before he enrolled.

    "What clinched my decision to attend Beloit was sitting in on a philosophy class. Eight students were in a discussion with [former Professor] John Wyatt, sharing ideas. It was almost a conversation as he picked up on their thoughts and expanded on them."