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Donor Stories

Giving Day

Today is Giving Day! Make a gift, spread the word, and help Be the Change for Beloit College!

  • Jon Van Niewaal'01 and Sarah Ruja Van Niewaal'02

    Niewaal“Jon and I believe in giving back to the College that gave us so much. It's important to help Beloit provide its students with the means to learn about the world and themselves.”

    Recent graduates have a lot of financial pressures on them, like repaying student loans, career pursuits, and relocation for starters. While a sizable financial contribution to Beloit might seem unrealistic, many younger alumni are taking advantage opportunities that help a modest commitment grow into a substantial gift over time. Sarah Ruja Van Niewaal’02 and Jon Van Niewaal’01 provide a great example.

  • Ed and Joan Bruning

    Ed Joan Bruning“With me, it’s simply a love affair. The place is one of my favorite places on planet earth, and I’ve met so many wonderful Beloit people. They’ve come together in numerous and varying combinations through the years to help the College become a better place for students.”

    For more than four decades, life trustee Ed Bruning has maintained a strong affiliation with Beloit, an institution that's not even his alma mater. "Through the years, I've seen so many wonderful people help the College become a better place for students," says Bruning. Recently, the Brunings made a significant contribution to the College's Classic. Daring. Life-Changing. campaign, dividing their gift between current support for the Beloit Fund and endowment for the Miller Upton Forum.

  • Bill Fitzgerald'86

    BillFitzgerald'86“Establishing an endowed scholarship fund in my father’s honor recognizes my debt to him in a way that will benefit generations of families who also view education as the avenue of opportunity.”

    “When I was a student, 90 percent of the students were on some form of financial aid,” remembers trustee and campaign leader Bill Fitzgerald’86. “What made Beloit affordable for my family was our unique Moral Obligation Scholarship program, whereby the College funds a portion of a student’s tuition, with the understanding that the student will voluntarily assume an obligation to participate in the funding of future students.” Fitzgerald has taken this obligation seriously over the years and recently decided to establish an endowed scholarship fund in honor of his father.

  • Robert Porter'56

    Bob Porter'56A science major, Bob Porter preferred to engage in discussions of literature and history. “This liberal arts background gave me a broad scope of knowledge and the opportunity to succeed in my future studies.”

    Dr. Robert Porter’56 set out to accomplish many goals with his gift for the Porter-Brown Auditorium in the new Center for the Sciences. He wanted to honor his family legacy and recognize a life’s work in science and the importance of science education at Beloit. He also wanted to contribute to the Reunion Giving Program in honor of his 50th class reunion, and he wanted to stretch beyond what he thought he might be able to give.

  • Matt Marvin'37

    Matt Marvin'37“I am confident that this fine coaching staff can make an already strong Beloit football tradition even better.”

    When Chris Brann, Beloit College’s first new head football coach in 30 years, moved his successful approach south from Northfield, Minn., he and Director of Athletics Kim Chandler recognized it was time to also appoint a new assistant coach—an offensive coordinator. After all, Brann was setting some significant goals for himself and suggested that his first season was not too soon to achieve them.

  • Don Carson'71

    Don Carson“One of the biggest advantages of giving to the Beloit Fund during the Classic. Daring. Life-Changing. campaign is that your gift has an immediate impact on the College and its daily operations.”

    “One of the biggest advantages of giving to the Beloit Fund during the Classic. Daring. Life-Changing. campaign is that your gift has an immediate impact on the College and its daily operations,” says Don Carson’71, campaign vice-chair and chair of the Beloit Fund Committee. “Increased support of the Beloit Fund indicates support for the campaign goals of capital improvements, endowment support, and annual giving. It all adds up to financial flexibility that allows the College to respond to needs and opportunities as they arise.”

  • Bill and Gayle Keefer

    Bill_Gale Keefer“No student should leave Beloit College without having improved his or her ability to learn…to make informed decisions.”

    Few people know Beloit College the way Bill Keefer knows Beloit College. Since he joined the board of trustees in 1976, he has witnessed the changing dynamics of the institution, serving as a board member and then chairman of the board before being elected a life trustee in 1996. He and his wife, Gayle, have supported the College in many ways, most recently, by providing substantial support for the Keefer Room, a conference room in the new Center for the Sciences.

  • Dave and Jane Karr Threinen

    Dave_Jane Threinen“Many of us attended school having our way partially paid. It was always my intention to pay that back….We remember our years at Beloit with fondness, and it’s time to say ‘thank you’.”

    Like most Beloit College students, Dave’56 and Jane Karr Threinan’56 received a helping hand while at Beloit. With their education enhanced by grants, scholarships, and donor gifts, they value the opportunities Beloit College offered them. Now, as a life trustee and secretary of the local Chapin Society, Dave, and his wife Jane, are giving back to the school that gave them their start 50 years ago.

  • Silvija Martincevic'02

    Silvija'02“Beloit faculty empowered me to do anything I want. Many colleges do that, but what I found unique to Beloit are the relationships and friendships—between students and faculty.”

    From her village in Croatia, Silvija Martincevic’s journey to Beloit was a leap toward new opportunity. She was the first in her village to go to college.

    “My first class was with [Professor] Beth Dougherty... about the war in Croatia. She knew more about my country than I did. It was amazing to be learning different things, changing, seeing my reality in a new light,” she recalls. “Beloit faculty empowered me to do anything I want. Many colleges do that, but what I found unique to Beloit are the relationships and friendships—between students and faculty.” 

  • Steve and Kathi Mahle

    Kathy_SteveMahle“…Beloit paid special attention to broadening my knowledge, emphasizing relationships...among different kinds of people. The sense of curiosity about the world that we developed there has served us well in business and in life.”

    World-shaking events were part of Steve and Kathi Austin Mahle’s education at Beloit in the 1960s. JFK was assassinated during their first year; the march on Selma took place during their second.