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Donor Stories

  • Mr. George S. Parker II

    A charitable trust established by the late Mr. George S. Parker II, former President and CEO of the Parker Pen company and a former Beloit College trustee, has established an endowed chair in art history at Beloit College. The George S. Parker II Endowed Chair in Art History will be held by associate professor Joy Beckman, who also directs the Wright Museum of Art, a teaching museum on campus. Read more.

  • Roy Schneiderman

    Roy Schneiderman'77

    A Special Gift Years in the Making

    Roy Schneiderman'77, feels a strong appreciation for the education he received at Beloit and its influence on his life.

    Roy and his wife, Susie Chang, have been generous to Beloit for many years and have also included the college in their estate plan, so they are members of the James E. Duffy'49 Society. They have gradually increased their annual giving to support areas they are passionate about—one of their first gifts honored eight professors whom Roy admired. Read on to hear Roy's story.

  • Karen Denard Goldman'71

    Karen Denard Goldman'71

    New endowment advances alumna's passion for health and community

    Rather than wait to establish her legacy at Beloit College through her will, Karen Denard Goldman'71 has made a generous gift to jump-start a new endowment at Beloit College.

  • Carolyn Sullivan Heinrich'89

    Carolyn Sullivan Heinrich'89

    As children mature, so do couple's estate plans 

    When their third child was born in 1997, Carolyn Sullivan Heinrich'89 and her husband, Kurt, decided it was time to prepare a will to specify their desires for guardianship of their children and their estate. Now, with their children 17-21 years old, they bring perspectives seasoned by two decades of living and careers to the process of updating their will. 

  • Duncan Rotch'92; his wife, Jenny Hudson; son, Augustus

    Your Beloit Dreams Can Come True with Careful Planning

    "Beloit College provided the fertile ground for my intellectual growth and self-discovery. My current giving underscores my appreciation for the education and deep-rooted friendships that—to this day—continue to define me." —Duncan Rotch'92

    Duncan Rotch'92 values his Beloit College education and is passionate about supporting a place that means so much to him. In fact, his philanthropic dreams for Beloit—of which he admits he has many, but can afford few—include an endowed gift as well as a bequest. And, he knows he can achieve these goals with careful planning and conversation with Beloit's gift planning office.

  • Ben and Jean Galloway

    Simple and Effective: Directing Your IRA Distribution to Support Your Passion

    Institutional pride runs deep for Ben Galloway'62 and his wife, Jean. So, it was a natural choice for the Aurora, Colo., couple to decide to direct their IRA distribution to Beloit College to support adventure, creativity, and exploration for students today. And the best part is that it benefits both Beloit and the Galloways.

    The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 extends provisions for qualified charitable distributions from IRAs through Dec. 31, 2013, thereby continuing this simple and effective way to support your philanthropic interests. When asked why they chose to give in this way, Ben says, "It was just so easily done—so easy to direct a gift to an institution [Beloit] that we care very much about. It just simplifies giving."

  • Marshall Carter-Tripp

    Renewed Health and Travel Plans Trigger Estate Plan Updates

    Coming out of a year of chemotherapy and radiation and the ups and downs of recovery, Marshall Carter-Tripp'65 was ready in December 2012 to do something she's always loved – travel. So as she and her husband, Dick, were organizing recent trips to Central and South America, the couple made sure they met with an estate planning attorney to get their will in order before embarking on their travels.

    After a career in the U.S. Foreign Service, Marshall knows how to prepare for extended travel, including putting advance directives in place. But her motivation was more passionate this time. "I should say that receiving a cancer diagnosis and going through treatment and recovery makes you keenly aware of the need to have your affairs in order, and of the importance of supporting those institutions that made a difference in your life," she says.

  • Jonathan Scheerer'01 and Stacy Kern-Scheerer'00 and their son, August

    A Simple Commitment to Provide for the Next Generation

    Stacy Kern-Scheerer'00 and Jonathan Scheerer'01 know that drawing up a will does not have to be a hard or complicated process, and that you don't have to be older or have a lot of assets to make it worth your time.

    Jonathan and Stacy met at Beloit when they were 19 years old. Married since 2006 and now settling into careers, they started their family last September with the birth of August Kern-Scheerer. Now they've taken their next big step – they've set up a trust to provide for their son and to make a major gift to Beloit College.

  • Gift Annuities Generate Lifetime Payments and a Meaningful Legacy

    Vern Shaffer'50Beloit alumnus and Princeton, Ill., resident O.V. Shaffer '50 has already left his mark on campus and the greater Beloit community with many of his creations adorning public spaces and private gardens. With his two gift annuities through Beloit College, Shaffer, who goes by the name "Verne," has made plans to establish the O.V. Shaffer Endowed Exhibitions Fund to provide more opportunities for student-directed installations and exhibitions at the Wright Art Museum and the Logan Museum of Anthropology.

  • Beloit Alumnus Helping Students Chase Their Dreams

    Dan Richard'69More than 40 years ago, Dan Gooder Richard '69 discovered his professional calling while working in the stacks of the Morse Library at Beloit. Now he's taking steps to help today's students experience the same value in their on-campus employment opportunities.

    Even though updating the documents in an estate plan is one of those chores that often gets postponed indefinitely, Beloit alumnus Dan Gooder Richard '69 took the initiative to revisit the trust documents he originally wrote 12 years ago.