Renewing the Historic Core

Renewing the Historic Core

Make a Mark for Your Beloit!

What is it that makes Beloit College such a distinctive place? Throughout the many experiences of Beloiters past and present, one common thread is the historic campus. Its iconic buildings, like Middle College, and Chapin and Aldrich Halls, become central to the memories that all Beloiters share.

But as beautiful as the campus is, and as successful as the Beloit community has been in supporting campus improvements, much work yet remains.

Campbell Brick

In 2010, President Scott Bierman and the Parents Fund Committee began a new initiative to restore the grandeur of Beloit’s historic campus. The following spring, work began. Several restoration projects and upgrades have been made thus far, including:

  • A renovated cupola for Middle College
  • Cleaned copper accents for Middle College
  • Stone work and a new south façade for Eaton Chapel
  • Restored masonry and new windows for the World Affairs Center
  • Replaced and repainted woodwork for Campbell Hall
  • A new front entry for the Library
  • Restored woodwork, roofing, and copper accenting for Morse Ingersoll Hall
  • A renovated main entrance for Chapin Hall and the Commons
  • Re-made Middle College's portico and plaza and added handicap accessible ramps
  • Installed way-finding signs in front of the World Affairs Center and at the intersection of Emerson and College
  • Improved several living spaces with new carpeting, furniture, and fresh paint

Take a look at some of the improvements! Now, our attention is turned to the north side of campus. We have already completed renewal of the exterior of Chapin Hall. Though thrilled with our progress and the momentum we’ve gained, important work lies ahead. Plans are in place to restore exterior facades and stonework, improve common spaces in dormitories, improve our IT infrastructure, and illuminate walking paths.

Now, we ask that you join President Bierman by supporting this important Renewing the Historic Core project by making a gift today.


Renewing the Historic Core

Chapin Hall and The Dining Commons: Built to replace its original predecessor, Chapin Hall is home to over 60 students and the central dining commons for those who work and live on campus. Chapin and the iconic “BELWAH” painted on its roof is the first sight for almost every prospective student as they turn down College Street.

Renewing the Historic Core

College Street Corridor: Once known as “fraternity row,” the College Street Corridor is home to some of the most historic residential buildings. The daily walk up and down the College Street Corridor is a central part of Beloit College students’ every day experience.

Renewing the Historic Core


’64 Halls: The ’64 Halls, so-named because construction began in 1964, form the backbone of the residential experience at Beloit. Not only are they home to over 330 students, they also house important student service offices, including the campus Health Center. *Fun fact, they were designed to be riot-proof!

Renewing the Historic Core


Aldrich Hall: Opened in 1946 as part of an envisioned but never completed “Women’s Quadrangle,” Aldrich Hall was built to accommodate increased enrollments experienced after World War II. Home to over 100 students, Aldrich links the academic and residential experiences of Beloit with its technology-enhanced classrooms and meeting spaces.

Renewing the Historic Core

Your gift will help renew the residential campus of Beloit College, including Chapin Hall and the Dining Commons, the College Street Corridor, Aldrich Hall, and common spaces in the ’64 Halls.

Other ways your contribution will help:

  • Renewing interior common spaces to improve health and quality of student life
  • Upgrading walking paths across campus to improve handicap accessibility
  • Installing lighting and illumination to enhance campus safety
  • Landscaping to improve curbside appeal and attract prospective students
  • Expanding the technology infrastructure to improve speed and access
  • Maintaining and restoring stonework and building exteriors

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