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Your Impact

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The Beloiter Fund supports the people, programs and places that continue to make Beloit College one of the best known, and best regarded, liberal arts colleges in the nation.

What does the Beloiter Fund do?

Gifts to the Beloiter Fund keep Beloit strong, support our faculty and students, and provide opportunities for student engagement that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Tuition and room/board cover less than 75% of the cost of educating a student, and the Beloiter Fund helps cover the difference. But, it is much more than that. Gifts to the Beloiter Fund keep Beloit moving forward, have direct impact, and let the world (literally) know that you believe in Beloit.

Who does my gift help?

Your generosity to the Beloiter Fund makes it possible for students to experience what makes Beloit, Beloit. And it does it today. No waiting. So whether you are making a gift to the Beloiter Fund for scholarships, to renew the historic core, to the life-changing experiences through liberal arts in practice, or simply to where the need is greatest, your gift makes an impact now.

Can I choose where my gift goes?

Yes, you can designate your gift to one or more of the below categories.

  • For the Greatest Impact
    Gifts designated here give Beloit the greatest amount of flexibility. Your generous gift will go where it's most needed; perhaps an urgent budgetary need or a special learning opportunity. Read more about the the Beloiter Fund For the Greatest Impact.
  • Scholarships
    Over 90% of students receive some financial aid. The average financial aid grant/scholarship is $22,600. By designating your gift here, you help ensure that the college can continue to admit students based on their academic ability, regardless of their ability to pay. And, learn more about our Beloiter Scholarship Initiative too! Read more about the Beloiter Fund for Scholarships.
  • Liberal Arts in Practice
    Supporting liberal arts in practice allows students the opportunity to bring their classroom learning to life. Funding makes hands-on experiences and transformational moments in a Beloiters' life possible, and they start with conversation and end with conversation. Students gain valuable perspective, can assess situations from myriad points of view, have the chance to apply classroom learning, and then reflect upon the's a truly unique component of the Beloit curriculum. Students learn to assess why their education matters. Read more about the Beloiter Fund for the Liberal Arts in Practice.
  • Renewing the Historic Core
    In 2010, President Scott Bierman began a new initiative to restore the grandeur of our historic campus. Renewing the Historic Core ensures that the historic core of buildings on our campus are preserved and maintained to endure for current and future generations of Beloiters. A multi-phased plan has been outlined and much work has already been completed. Read more about the Beloiter Fund for Renewing the Historic Core.
  • International Education
    Beloit is an international institution, with many international students and students who study abroad. Gifts to this designation are applied to developing interdisciplinary seminars dealing with global issues, which will allow Beloit students to retain their financial aid awards while studying abroad. Read more about International Education.
  • Athletics
    At Beloit, we're building leaders both in and out of the classroom. Athletics is one of the many ways in which Beloiters can enhance their experience and stretch their leadership muscles. Read more about Athletics.