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3 million reasons we’re grateful

The Beloiter Fund reached its $3 million dollar annual goal as of May 31, 2013, and what better way to celebrate than to thank you. Our deepest thanks go to all that have contributed to the Beloiter Fund this year to make Beloit possible for students today. We're celebrating by sharing stories of the myriad ways in which your $3 million has made an impact. See a new story each weekday July 1-August 8 here or on our Beloit College Alumni Affairs Facebook page.


July 1, 2013

Kyle Bohrer’14—aside from all of the great things Kyle is doing on campus, note how he has taken the knowledge gained in his study abroad experience and combined it with collaboration with faculty and the campus community to create a student-run campus garden!  That is the power of your gifts to the Beloiter Fund for Liberal Arts in Practice (also one of our Fast Forward modules!). Hear about Kyle’s experience:


July 2, 2013
Thanks to gifts to the Beloiter Fund for Renewing the Historic Core, Middle College has an accessible entrance and beautiful portico! This is just one of the campus improvements made possible by you.

Middle College renovated













July 3, 2013

Gifts of any size to the Beloiter Fund affect our alumni participation rate, which is a factor in the US News and World Report’s rankings. So, aside from the dollars supporting the whiteboards, lightbulbs, seats, etc. that ensured the classroom experience happened, your gift to the Beloiter Fund helped students experience a college with a #6 ranking in “commitment to teaching,” among other accolades. Thank you! See the 2013 rankings here:


July 4, 2013
Fireworks made possible by the Beloiter Fund… Read about Lauren McNanna's explosive game in November 2012. Gifts to the Beloiter Fund for Athletics make opportunities to shine possible.

July 5, 2013
Not a theatre major, but with a deep love of theatre, Miranda James’15 is working on a musical at Beloit. Gifts to the Beloiter Fund make dreams like Miranda’s come true. Thank you!

July 8, 2013
Grace’16 knew what she was looking for going in—but what she has experienced at Beloit is beyond expectation. From bringing awareness to waste on campus to practicing the liberal arts through her blog, Grace is off to a running start. Gifts to the Beloiter Fund make experiences like Grace’s possible.


July 9, 2013
Art and athletics—why not both? These are the kinds of experiences students like Erika Moen’13 (now an alumna!) enjoy because of gifts to the Beloiter Fund.

July 10, 2013
From “Democracy Now” to “DJ Speck” to “Human Recycling,” WBCR is on the air. Gifts to the Beloiter Fund for student activities support great experiences like WBCR for Beloiters. Thank you!
WBCR current stacks













July 11, 2013
Something as simple as lightbulbs in the classroom are funded by the Beloiter Fund. Thank you for helping Beloiters shine bright!

Center for Sciences interior













July 12, 2013

RachelBecause of Beloiter Fund for scholarships support, students like Rachel are making their mark on Beloit. Thank you! Passionate about food, Rachel has incorporated her vegan lifestyle into her studies and her Beloit experience. She is a member of the slow food club and started a vegan co-op. She participates in Beloit Student Congress on the food committee, volunteers with Caritas, wrote a literature review on federal food policies and the rise of non-profits, and will participate in the Duffy Community Partnerships Program. So what is she doing at Beloit? Changing the world.


July 15, 2013
Did you have a chance to study in another country during your Beloit experience? Current Beloiters have that opportunity too--THANK YOU! Gifts to the Beloiter Fund make that possible too.


July 16, 2013

“I am very passionate about music and I am very passionate about my church—I kinda wanted to put those together…” Brooke’15 is able to pursue her passions at Beloit and is currently working with faculty to conduct her own choir. Gifts to the Beloiter Fund make experiences like this possible—thank you! See her story:


July 17, 2013
A good sport. Sam Schonberger’16 excelled on the lacrosse field and was named to the All-MWLC Sportsmanship Team. Experiences to be good and do good are made possible by gifts to the Beloiter Fund for Athletics. Thank you!


July 18, 2013
LARPing on Middle College lawn? Yes, this still happens at Beloit. Thanks to gifts to the Beloiter Fund for student activities, students can not only share their interests, they can be embraced for who they are. Thank you!


July 19, 2013
You remember what an important piece the res halls played in your experience, right? A space to hang out, study, build community, learn from one another… Thank you for your gifts to the Beloiter Fund for Renewing the Historic Core—you are keeping these spaces available to Beloiters today. See this awesome makeover of one of the lounges!

Blaisdell Lounge 











July 22, 2013

Because of gifts to the Beloiter Fund for scholarships, Beloiters like Andy’15 can try out a variety of classes, volunteer with kids in the community, check out clubs, do improve, consider study abroad…they can make their experience their own and learn every step of the way.




July 23, 2013
Paint. Yes, even something as simple and necessary as paint is paid for by the Beloiter Fund for Renewing the Historic Core. Thank you! Check out room renovations in Blaisdell made possible by your gifts.

Blaisdell Dorm Room












July 24, 2013
Sara’15 came to the Liberal Arts in Practice Center with an idea to study trains in translation. She will ride trains through six different countries and sketch the landscape. She envisions her drawings serving as a visual map that portrays and helps her (and others) better understand cultural change. She will also reflect upon her experience and personal identity as a white American tourist. Experiences like this are made possible by gifts to the Beloiter Fund for Liberal Arts in Practice. THANK YOU!

July 25, 2013
Jennifer’16 clinches a no-hitter in April and was named the MWC Pitcher of the Week. Experiences to showcase athletic prowess are made possible by gifts to the Beloiter Fund for Athletics—thank you!


July 26, 2013
“Your support is making my publishing dreams come true---I’ve already produced and edited a BFJ! Thanks again!!!” –Tess’14. Your gift to the Beloit Fund make dreams come true for students like Tess. Thank you!


July 29, 2013
You made this possible—this is the World Affairs Center! Gifts (of any size) to the Beloiter Fund impact our alumni participation rate and foundations look at these when deciding to grant funds. Thank you!! 

WAC lounge













July 30, 2013
On the onset, Joe’13’s project may sound sluggish, but researching the slow loris (a monkey-like mammal) is invigorating work. Experiences like Joe’s are made possible by the Beloiter Fund for Liberal Arts in Practice and for International Education; thank you!!

Joe traveled to Indonesia to understand why this creature is endangered. A self-designed project, his recent trip comes on the heels of a summer experience to Indonesia in which he worked for the Orangutan Health Project managing the database of edible and medicinal plants used by orangutans and humans, coordinating and training researchers and volunteers, grant writing, and more. Through these experiences and the connections he has made, Joe is returning to Indonesia after graduating in May to continue his work.


July 31, 2013
“Thank you for your donation to Beloit College.  I am a junior majoring in Physics here at Beloit. I am also the President of Black Students United and a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. I have been given these leadership opportunities because of your help! TY!” –Richea’14  Your gift to the Beloiter Fund helps go-getters like Richea experience Beloit.


August 1, 2013
Shaunte’16 and Will’15 earned MWC Swimmer of the Week honors in December 2012 for their record-setting performances. THANK YOU for making experiences to excel in Athletics possible with your gift to the Beloiter Fund.

August 2, 2013
Gifts to the Beloiter Fund for Renewing the Historic Core make it possible for visitors, prospective families, and even those of us on campus find our way around (see the way-finding sign here). Thank you!


August 5, 2013
Robots…taking learning to another dimension! Students in the Cognitive Robotics class made this nifty robot (now that’s liberal arts in practice!). Experiences like this are made possible by your gift to the Beloiter Fund. Thank you!


August 6, 2013
“Thank you so much for donating! Because of people like yourself, I got to do archaeological lab work at the Logan. It has changed my life. Thank you!”—Christina’13.  Life-changing, enough said. Thank you for your gift to the Beloiter Fund!


August 7, 2013
“THANK YOU! Your support is making my education possible. I am a sophomore majoring in Health & Society from BK, NY. I recently was accepted to study Public Health in Copenhagen. I appreciate your support a great deal.” –Siiri’15.  Making it possible—thank you for your gift to the Beloiter Fund!


August 8, 2013
Grateful. Thank you. Your gift to the Beloiter Fund makes a difference—read the last 30 days of past posts/stories/life-changing moments. This is just a snapshot of everything you made possible this past fiscal year alone. We cannot thank you enough for making Beloit, Beloit!