All in for Beloit NowAll in for Beloit Now

Beloiters have always been all in for students and alumni. Now it’s time for all of us to be all in for Beloit. Give now to honor a Beloiter who changed your life.

Here’s why your fellow Beloiters are all in, too.

  • Bengisu Erenli Abramsky'93

    Bengisu Erenli Abramsky’93

    Economics, Math & Computer Science

    Professor Jerry Gustafson’63 not only convinced me to leave Turkey to attend Beloit, he helped me gain early admission to the University of Chicago’s MBA program and connected me to a corporate job — all before I even graduated.

    Economics Professor Jerry Gustafson
  • Joan Hadley Cabreza'65

    Joan Hadley Cabreza’65


    In 1963, Dr. Carl Welty, head of the Biology Department, called me in and encouraged me to apply for a pilot program in Costa Rica under the new Beloit Plan to begin in 1964. I did, and it altered the entire course of my life, leading to graduate work at the East-West Center in Hawaii (also a Welty suggestion) and eventually to two decades of biological work in Asia and the South Pacific. He was an amazing professor!

    Carl Welty
  • Renee Murray'80

    Renee Murray’80


    Professor Milt Feder’s willingness to let his international studies students debate even the most controversial topics led to my “aha” moment and a life of social activism through writing.

    Professor Milt Feder
  • Steven Soli'22

    Steven Soli’22


    Coach Kevin Lerg came in for my senior year season for lacrosse as the third coach our senior class had while playing lacrosse at Beloit. He immediately brought the team together and established a culture while trusting myself and the other seniors to lead the team. He gave us the chance to meet with multiple recruits off the field and teach the young players how to play the game fluidly on the field. He is a man of few words but someone who knows what to say when. I looked up to him and want to emulate him as a person and aspiring physician.

    Kevin Lerg
  • Jonathan Mason'80

    Jon Mason’80

    Economics & International Relations

    I hated studying German so much I was about to quit. Then Professor Bob Irrmann convinced me to tough it out so I could attend a seminar in Hamburg the next year. I did. And I not only became fluent in German, I stayed to work there, leading to a long career in international business.

    Bob Irrmann

A professor, a roommate, a mentor — who made your Beloit experience special? We’d love to hear about them.

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