All in for Beloit NowAll in for Beloit Now

Beloiters have always been all in for students and alumni. Now it’s time for all of us to be all in for Beloit. Give now to honor a Beloiter who changed your life.

Here’s why your fellow Beloiters are all in, too.

  • Renee Murray'80

    Renee Murray’80


    Professor Milt Feder’s willingness to let his international studies students debate even the most controversial topics led to my “aha” moment and a life of social activism through writing.

    Professor Milt Feder
  • Judy Schroeder'81

    Judy Schroeder’81

    International Relations, Spanish

    I had Professor Nicholas Paley for one class as a Porter Scholar student in high school. We focused on a book of short stories that he made sure we understood every word of—and, if we didn’t, to expect a quick public scolding in class! He taught us the importance of truly comprehending what we were reading. I used to pop into his office when I was in WAC for classes, and he always greeted me with a smile and something nice to say.

    Nicolas Paley
  • Alfonso Colasuonno'06

    Alfonso Colasuonno’06

    Creative Writing

    DeVon Wilson’90, Lee Gray’98, Nick Ewoldt, and Phyllis Hill from Beloit’s TRIO and McNair programs inspired me to set my aspirations high in life. I could relate to them because they showed that a commitment to low-income, first-generation students like me wasn’t just “lip service,” but that they truly cared and wanted the best for me and everyone else. Throughout my entire time they set the bar high and inspired me to make my dreams a reality, while also making the most of my education and time at Beloit.

    DeVon Wilson
  • James Ettorre'77

    James Ettorre’77


    Professor Tom McBride was an inspiration. It is thanks to him that I can express myself clearly with the written word. I remember one class where he analyzed a single page of a memoir, demonstrating why it was so persuasive and focused. My head was spinning by the end of the class. I learned how to dive deep into writing to understand its effect.

    Tom McBride
  • Hannah Yee'19

    Hannah Yee’19


    Professor Ron Watson guided my Honors Term Project, which focused on the intersection between Rock County’s rate of sexually transmitted infections and the opioid epidemic. He pushed me to collaborate with community organizations, collect ethnographies and use my findings to inform the work of the Beloit Public Health Initiative.

    Professor Ron Watson

A professor, a roommate, a mentor — who made your Beloit experience special? We’d love to hear about them.

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