All in for Beloit NowAll in for Beloit Now

Beloiters have always been all in for students and alumni. Now it’s time for all of us to be all in for Beloit. Give now to honor a Beloiter who changed your life.

Here’s why your fellow Beloiters are all in, too.

  • Jonathan Mason?80

    Jon Mason’80

    Economics & International Relations

    I hated studying German so much I was about to quit. Then Professor Bob Irrmann convinced me to tough it out so I could attend a seminar in Hamburg the next year. I did. And I not only became fluent in German, I stayed to work there, leading to a long career in international business.

    Bob Irrmann
  • Bob DiLeonardi?81

    Bob DiLeonardi’81

    English Composition & Psychology

    Professor Tom McBride inspired me to appreciate the power of good writing. Thanks to his help I learned to write well, a skill that opened the doors to a variety of interesting opportunities over the years. I still use every day the basic writing and analysis skills I learned from Professor McBride 40 years ago.

    Professor Tom McBride
  • Phil ?P.G.? Kraemer?88

    Phil “P.G.” Kraemer’88

    Psychology & Classics

    While I was struggling in Professor Ranjan Roy’s mathematics class, I went to him for help and he kindly suggested changing course to pursue my real academic passion — the Classics. It was life-changing advice.

    Professor Ranjan Roy
  • Cameron Dieter?16

    Cameron Dieter’16

    History & Political Science

    A political theorist, Professor Jill Budny arranged to hold a small off-campus seminar with students, including a number of graduate students, from two other Midwest colleges to compare and contrast Shakespeare as a political strategist with Machiavelli and others. She invited me and a few other students along, and then quizzed us on the salient points of the discussion during the two-hour ride home.

    Professor Jill Budny
  • Bruce Bartleson?56

    Bruce Bartleson’56


    Dr. Hank Woodard, or “The Chief,” as he was fondly known, was truly inspirational to his students. He exhibited enthusiasm, integrity, a deep knowledge of his subject, and a rare combination of caring for students while maintaining respect and admiration. Many of his students went on to teach with “The Chief” as their model.

    Dr. Hank Woodard

A professor, a roommate, a mentor — who made your Beloit experience special? We’d love to hear about them.

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