Be All In

Beloit has 175 years of experience educating the most career-agile and world-ready people in the room.

Be All In: The Campaign for Beloit College

Case for Support

In the face of national trends—from declining college enrollment to increasing concern with outcomes and the value of a college degree—we are acting quickly and working together to more explicitly position ourselves as a student-ready college that prepares our graduates for meaningful careers and dynamic futures.

Now, we are implementing a new strategic plan for Beloit. The community has rallied around this exciting direction that is true to our DNA, focused on the connections between students’ Beloit experiences and their future careers and lives, and in sync with what prospective families are seeking from their college choice.

With your investment, Beloit will be here another 175 years.

The plan is centered around tying a Beloit education tightly and clearly to student futures across all four years at the college. It will make the Beloit education more directly relevant to our students, our faculty and staff, our alumni, and—critically—the marketplace.

Collaboration and hands-on experience are the foundation of the Practicum in Literary Editing, a ...

Be Extraordinary.

In order to accomplish our vision for the future, we are also undertaking an extraordinary fundraising campaign: Be All In. Our goal as a community is to generate cash (or cash equivalent) of approximately $10 million for each of the next five years. In this five-year period, we will raise unrestricted Annual Fund dollars of about $19 million for financial aid and an additional $31 million for other campus priorities.

Annual Fund

From now on, every dollar—100% of gifts—to the Beloit College Annual Fund will go directly to financial aid to support the recruitment and retention of the best Beloiters, with an emphasis on providing financial access to the college.

$28 Million for Our Students

$17 Million for Our People

$5 Million for Our Academics

Be Engaged.

You are the living proof for the outcome of a Beloit education. Your skills as a communicator, problem-solver, collaborator, and agilitator* are testament to the experiences and interactions you enjoy as a Beloiter. You may not have known it at the time, but Beloit prepared you to be world-ready and engaged for the rest of your life.

This extraordinary fundraising campaign will ensure the future of Beloit College with robust enrollment, high retention, access to all, and superior student experiences. Everyone in the community recognizes the value of a Beloit education and wants to see that future thrive.

Beloit is the oldest continuously operating private college in Wisconsin. We have 175 years of experience educating the most world-ready people in the room. We are laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s students. Our community is passionately engaged; now is the time to take part. With your investment, we will be here for the next 175 years.

Your gifts have impact. See what’s been possible because of your generosity.

*Agilitator. uh-jil-əˌtādər/ Noun. Individual who is intellectually and professionally agile. Beloiter. (™pending)

We invite you to join us with your gift for this extraordinary campaign to Be All In.

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