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The Liberal Arts in Practice Center

The Beloit College Liberal Arts in Practice Center aims to provide students with resources and opportunities to become practitioners of the liberal arts. For Beloit College students, this means:

  • stepping out of their comfort zones and into situations that will challenge them
  • seizing opportunities to synthesize knowledge and experience
  • transferring academic and experiential knowledge to new settings
  • and building on prior experiences to ethically and thoughtfully confront challenges

To achieve these goals, the Liberal Arts in Practice Center serves as a one-stop-shop for opportunities to practice the liberal arts by providing information about available programs and direction on how to pursue those programs. 

$400,000+ is awarded for student projects every year. 

The Center is also designed to be a catalyst for advancing a liberal arts in practice approach to learning.  The Liberal Arts in Practice Center is staffed by professionals who can give constructive advice about how to locate, structure, and leverage liberal arts in practice experiences. LAPC staff are regularly available to consult with students about how to get the most out of a Beloit College education.

With thoughtful planning, using the LAPC Developmental Model (below), students can pursue a variety of educational experiences beyond the campus that connect and build on the content they navigate every day in the classroom.

LAPC Developmental Model

Alumni & the Liberal Arts in Practice Center

Although LAPC services are primarily geared toward assisting the needs of current students, our students’ relationship with the Liberal Arts in Practice Center does not end once they cross the commencement stage. The LAPC is also able to provide a variety of resources for career development support to our alumni.

Whether alumni are seeking consultation on a resume or cover letter, assistance in applying for graduate school, searching for career networking opportunities, or just looking to get involved with current students, the LAPC can help! 

LAPC Resources 

Through programs like the Beloit Career Network, the LAPC can assist alumni in connecting with current students and other alumni to broaden their own professional networks. 

Through the Community-Based Learning component of the Liberal Arts in Practice Center students are able to participate in summer and semester-long internships through programs like the Duffy. Students are also able to connect with alumni and discuss their professional and academic goals during events like the Chicago Field Day. 

The Liberal Arts in Practice Center is also home to the student-run Campus and Community Outreach Center (CCOC). The CCOC works to connect student volunteers with opportunities to engage and familiarize themselves with the greater Beloit community, helping to foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between community members and organizations and students at Beloit College. 

The Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education (CELEB) at Beloit also offers students an opportunity to test their small business ideas, develop exhibits for a commercial art gallery, and engage in a range of post-production media endeavors.

A gift to the Beloiter Fund—Liberal Arts in Practice helps students have future-defining experiences at the college, in the community, and around the world.