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Girls and Women in Science (GWIS)

An organization dedicated to increasing exposure to the sciences within underrepresented groups by hosting science workshops.

Girls and Women In Science (GWIS) is an organization that started in attempts to increase opportunities for female-identifying people in areas of STEM. This has ranged from inviting speakers to running science experiments in schools.

Historically, GWIS would host free science experiments and seminars for six grade girls at our resident Science Center. The event would be held overnight and the students could enjoy a hands-on science workshop weekend and a sleepover.

Nowadays, the activities of GWIS have expanded to include all genders because our members realize that there are other underrepresented communities in STEM. Factors such as gender identity, income inequality, racism, and disabilities all hinder opportunities for exposure to science and learning.

We are always looking for volunteers and new members.

A snapshot of the workshop weekend held at the Science Center, 2017 A snapshot of the workshop weekend held at the Science Center, 2017

This award winning conference encourages the exploration of science and mathematics by middle school students through an afternoon of experiments, activities, and interaction with science professionals.

The students, teachers, and parents will work with Beloit College faculty, students, volunteers and alumnae. The entire workshop is designed to build confidence in the students who attend by providing them with academic opportunities and encouragement from undergraduate and postgraduate scientists. The experiments are built to maximize hands-on learning and inclusivity so that students are given opportunities to participate. 


Science Conference at Beloit College Invites 6th Grade Girls

News coverage of the 2019 GWIS conference with comments from student coordinators.


Girls and Women in Science

Coordinators for 2012 GWIS conference explain what GWIS is and invites campus to attend the poster session on Saturday.


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