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Steve BallouBallou at South Pole

Geology Technician
BS, Beloit College

Steve declared his geology major in 1973 at UW-Madison, and completed his degree from Beloit in 1999. His geologic interests include the Baraboo Range, Turtle Creek nodules, Yellowstone National Park, and meteorites at the South Pole.


Carl V.  MendelsonCarl Mendelson

Professor of Geology
Robert H. and Jane Solem Chair in the Natural Sciences
phone: 608-363-2223, fax: 608-363-2052

Carl joined the Beloit College faculty in 1981. His teaching interests include paleontology, the physical and biological history of Earth, dinosaurs (all aspects), women in science, environmental issues, and the history of geology. His research interests include the early evolution of life, the earliest phases of evolution as evidenced in microfossils preserved in chert, microfossils in general, especially across the Proterozoic-Cambrian boundary, evolutionary history of an enigmatic group of microfossils known as acritarchs, and exobiology (potential for life on Mars and beyond).

Examples of Publications

Mendelson, Carl V., and Mankiewicz, C., compilers, 2000, Thirteenth Keck Research Symposium in Geology Proceedings [Whitman College]: Walla Walla, Wash.

Mankiewicz, C., and Mendelson, C.V., 1993, Trace fossils, in Stover, S.G., and Macdonald, R.H., eds., On the rocks: earth science activities for grades 1-8: Tulsa, SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology), p. 99-101.

Mendelson, C.V., 1993, Acritarchs and prasinophytes, in Lipps, J.H., ed., Fossil prokaryotes and protists: Boston, Blackwell Scientific, p. 77-104.


James R. RougvieJames Rougvie

Associate Professor of Geology
BS, University of Iowa; MA, PhD, University of Texas-Austin
phone: 608-363-2268, fax: 608-363-2052

Jim came to Beloit College in 2002 from the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution where he was a Post Doctoral Fellow. Jim's teaching interests include physical geology, mineralogy, and petrology.  His research incorporates petrology and geochemistry to learn about the role of fluids in the Earth's crust in both metamorphic and low-T environments.

Examples of Publications

Rougvie, J.R., and Sorenson, S.S., 2002, Cathodoluminescence record of K-metasomatism in ash-flow tuffs; grain-scale mechanisms and large-scale geochemical implications, Geology 30 (4): 307-310.

Rougvie, J. R., Carlson, W. D., Copeland, P., and Connelly, J. N., 1999,  Late thermal evolution of Proterozoic rocks in the northeastern Llano Uplift, central Texas, Precambrian Geology 94 (1-2): 49-72.

Foster, C.T., Reagan, M.K., Kennedy, G.S., Smith, G.A., White, C.A., Eiler, J.E., and Rougvie, J.R., 1999, Insights into the Proterozoic geology of the Park Range, Colorado, Rocky Mountain Geology 34 (1): 7-20.


Susan K. SwansonSue with geysers

Professor of Geology and Department Chair
Weeks Chair in Physical and Human Geography
Chair of Natural Sciences

BA (Geology), Gustavus Adolphus College; MS (Geology), MS (Water Resources Management), PhD (Hydrogeology), University of Wisconsin-Madison
phone: 608-363-2132, fax: 608-363-2052

Prior to joining the faculty in 2001, Sue worked in the environmental consulting industry and at the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey. She also spent two years in the Peace Corps teaching high school math and science in Lesotho, southern Africa. Sue's teaching interests include environmental geology, hydrogeology, geomorphology, and geographic information systems (GIS).  Her research interests include wetlands hydrogeology, spring flow, and heterogeneities in sedimentary bedrock aquifers. She also has interests in the effects of urbanization on surface water and groundwater resources. In Fall 2007, Sue directed the ACM Ecology and Human Origins program in Tanzania.

Examples of Publications

Jayne, R.S., Pollyea, R.M., Dodd, J.P., Olson, E.J., and Swanson, S.K., 2016, Spatial and temporal constraints on regional-scale groundwater flow in the Pampa del Tamarugal Basin, Atacama Desert, Chile: Hydrogeology Journal 24(8), pp. 1921-1937.

Swanson, S.K., Muldoon, M.A., Polyak, V., and Asmerom, Y., 2014. Evaluating shallow flow-system response to climate change through analysis of spring deposits in southwestern Wisconsin, Hydrogeology Journal 22(4), pp. 851-863.

Swanson, S.K., 2013. Wisconsin's spring resources: an overview, Geoscience Wisconsin 21(1).

Swanson, S.K., Bradbury, K.R., and Hart, D.J., 2009. Assessing the vulnerability of spring systems to groundwater withdrawals in southern Wisconsin, Geoscience Wisconsin 20(1).

Swanson, S.K., 2007. Lithostratigraphic controls on bedding plane fractures and the potential for discrete groundwater flow through a siliciclastic sandstone aquifer, southern Wisconsin, Sedimentary Geology 197: 65-78.

Swanson, S.K., Bahr, J.M., Bradbury, K.R., and Anderson, K.M., 2006. Evidence for preferential flow through sandstone aquifers in southern Wisconsin, Sedimentary Geology 184: 331-342. 

Swanson, S.K., and Bahr, J.M., 2004. Analytical and numerical models to explain steady rates of spring flow, Ground Water 42(5): 747-759.