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Geology Alumni Web Pages

Web Pages By And About Beloit Geology Alumni

Assembled by Tim Vick ‘69
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Leah Arneson ’09 is Associate Director of Community Shares in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Stefanie Gugolz '09 is a Geologist with Terracon Consultants in Georgia.  She recently gave a talk on using a wetland to treat agricultural wastewater.  While she was a Beloit student,  she presented her research on the volcanics of the Blake River Group in Quebec at a Keck Consortium conference.

James Ludois '09 did strontium isotope analyses on tuffs from Arizona when he was a geology student at Beloit. 

Paul Ribich ’09 is a Restoration Crew Member at Applied Ecological Services in Wisconsin.

Owen Bell '08 teaches in a Montessori School in Massachusetts.

Sarah Fees '08 is a Project Geologist at Landau Associates in Tacoma, Washington.

Sarah Hoffman '08 is a College Counselor at Newton North High School in Massachusetts.

Ken O'Donnell '08 is an Environmental Geologist at AECOM in Maryland.

Scott Reynhout ’08 is blogging and working on his PhD in Geology (Paleoglaciation) at the University of Chile.  When he was a Beloit student he won an award for his paper on glacial erosion at the Geological Society of America.  His masters thesis at the University of Cincinnati was entitled "Slow denudation within an active orogen: Ladakh Range, northern India." 

Susan Schaffnit ’08 is an Evolutionary Anthropologist and Population Health Scientist on a postdoc at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Here is a recent paper on the impact of absent fathers in Tanzania.  Susie minored in Geology at Beloit.

Sheldon Turner '08 is building a geology and environmental science program at Triton College in Illinois.  He recently won a substantial NSF grant to bootstrap his effort.

Stephen Anstine '07 is a Senior Hydrogeologist at Resource International, Ltd. in Virginia.

Emily Culver '07 is a Supervising Archaeologist at 106 Consulting in Cincinnati.  Her master's thesis at the University Of Cincinnati centered on an analysis of the mysterious circular archaeological site in Newark, Ohio. 

Katelin Cummins '07 is a Writer/Editor and Office Manager at Evangelical Catholic in Wisconsin.

Julia Danz ’07 presented this paper on landscape analysis in Central America at the Geological Society of America.

Angela Ekstrand ’07 is a software engineer for Sonoma Technology Inc. in California. 

Chas Fricke ’07 is a Full-Stack Web Developer adn Educator at Galvanize, Inc. in Colorado.

Jenna Hunter Hartley '07 is a ASPPH Environmental Health Fellow hosted by the US Environmental Protection Agency in North Carolina.  She researched using diatoms as environmental indicators in Puerto Rico while she was a Beloit student, and in 2010 she contributed to an article on valley floor deposition in western Colorado.

Jacalyn Wittmer Malinowski ’07 is teaching Environmental Geology, Invertebrate Paleontology and Basin Analysis at the Geneseo campus of the State University of New York.

Michael Meyer '07 teaches Earth System Science at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania.

Sarah K. Stephenson Norman '07 is a Research Study Coordinator at HealthPartners in Minnesota. 

Adam Pearson ’07 teaches geology at the Potsdam campus of the State University of New York and he is Principal Investigator of the W.A.T.E.R. Lab.  He studied Fluvial geomorphology and anthropogenic affects on surficial processes at the University of Delaware; here's a paper on his analysis of the sediment that accumulates behind small dams.  Here are Adam's additional research papersHere he presents the theme of his research in less than 90 seconds!

Eva Szilvagyi '07 has earned masters degrees in Library Science and Geology.  She also wrote a thesis on the chronology of metamorphism in an ophiolite unit in the Alps.

Becca Bober '06 writes environmental news stories for Green Living Magazine.

Kathryn Hedrick '06 teaches and studies geomorphology at the University of Cincinnati.

Katherine Johanesen ’06 teaches geology at Juniata College in Pennsylvania.

Caroline Karlshoej '06 is a Manager-Environmental Compliance and Sustainability with Dow Chemical Co. in Illinois.

Katharine Loughney '06 is a graduate student in paleontology at the University of Michigan.  She wrote a management plan for fossil resources for the C&O Canal National Historic Park.

Benjamin Petrick ’06 researched Holocene sedimentation in Keuka Lake, New York, while he was a student at Beloit.

Arthur Schwab ’06 did a Keck Consortium project on shearing of mylonites in Montana.

Jean Taggart ’06 is a Pack Finisher at Ultralight Adventure Equipment in Logan, Utah.

Hazel Reynolds White ’06 is a GIS Geologist at Rangefront Geological in Nevada.

Ellenor O'Byrne Anderbyrne '05 is the Director Of Strategic Research And Assessment at Beloit College, and she helped lead the college's Sexual Assault and Campus Climate Survey.

Rebecca Carvin ’05 works for the US Geological Survey monitoring water quality on the Upper Pecatonica River (among other places) in Wisconsin.

Jennifer Abrahamson Coughlin ’05 is a Senior Environmental Analyst at MidAmerican Energy in Iowa.  She monitored ground water quality at an in-situ uranium mine in Nebraska; this rather large .pdf report includes her description starting on page 7.  While she was a Beloit student she participated in a seismic survey of a graben in Canyonlands National Park.

John Patrick Diggins ’05 is a Geologist and Technical Director at AKRF Environmental Services in New York.  He wrote his masters thesis on finding ground water supplies in igneous and metamorphic bedrock in Massachusetts.

Sara Johnson Kurth ’05 is a museum educator at the Lizzardro Museum Of Lapidary Art in Elmhurst, Illinois.  She earned her masters at Central Washington University with a thesis on the petrogenic processes of Mt. Bachelor in Oregon.

Jerod Randall ’05 researched the effects of best management practices on the hydrograph of an urban stream when he was an undergraduate.

Liz Chesser ’04 contributed to this paper on vertebrate fossils in the Santa Fe National Forest, presented at the Geological Society of America annual meeting.

Meghan Daigle Cote ’04 is an Senior Environmental Geologist at Haley & Aldrich in Connecticut.

Sarah Davidson '04 is a data curator at Max Planck Institute for Ornithology; she wrote her masters thesis on the hydrology of Jacob's Well Spring in Hayes, County, Texas.

Maggie Fukuda '04 is a Yoga Instructor in California.

Joseph Haynes ’04 owns Haynes Performance Autosports which prepares and restores racing cars in Indianapolis.

Emily Jones Samuel ’04 earned a master of arts in teaching and now is Product Manager at Lexia Learning systems in Massachusetts.

Eric Purcell ’04 is a geologist at Conestoga-Rovers & Associates in Denver.

Michael Robbins '04 is a carbonate geochemist working as a Keyholder in an REI store near Chicago.

Justin Dodd '03 teaches geology and environmental geochemistry at Northern Illinois University.

Lisa Eaton '03 is a librarian in an elementary school in Texas.  Recently one of her students became the school's newest hot author.

Constandina Ghikas ’03 is a geologist in Greece.  She studied the structure and tectonics of ophiolite mélanges in Greece for her Masters thesis at Miami University of Ohio, which she presented at the European Geophysical Union in 2010.

Grant Shimer ’03 teaches geology and a field camp at Southern Utah University.  He earned a PhD in sedimentology and stratigraphy at the University of Alaska in 2013, publishing an analysis of a petroleum-bearing formation in Alaska in 2011.  In the summer of 2015 he taught a Keck Consortium field project on the North Slope of Alaska.

Ally Snell ’03 is Marketing and Outreach and Recruitment Director at AmeriCorps VISTA.  In 2016 she wrote on VISTA Members Visiting the White House to celebrate the Computer Science For All Initiative.

Jack Van Orden '03 is a National Sales Representative at Jon-Don Inc. in Illinois.

Bethany Weisberger ’03 has moved to Maine and bought a classic movie theater, The Gem, which they are building into a combination theater and co-work space.  She also has a business called Gneiss Spice that sells neat space-efficient spice kits for urbanites which is one of the businesses in the theater building.  Read all about it.

Katherine Adelsberger ’02 is a geoarchaeologist teaching geology and environmental studies at Knox College.  Here is a description of one of her projects in Jordan.

Margretta Meyer ’02 is an Education Specialist with the National Park Service in Utah.

Angela Hutchison Brist '01 is a science teacher who wrote on the effect of a contextual approach to teaching chemistry on student outcomes for her MS in Science Education.

Meredith Brislen Cook ’01 presented a study on structural geology in the Lake Tanganyika Rift Basin in Africa at the annual convention of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.  She also wrote a research paper on the geology of the Circle Creek Basin in Idaho.

Nicole Smith Downey ’01 founded the geological consulting firm Earth System Sciences, LLC.  She was a Beagle Endowment Fellow at Harvard after she finished her PhD at CalTech. 

Bethany Peyer ’01 is a KYC (Know Your Customer) Officer at JP Morgan Chase in Chicago.

Eric Reuter ’01 founded and runs Chert Hollow Farm in Missouri with his wife Joanna.

Aurelia Walton Sanders '01 founded Stepping Stone Montessori Preschool.

Nick Schmerr ’01 is a planetary seismologist at the University of Maryland College Park; he wrote in the journal Science on The Gutenberg Discontinuity.

Meghan Hicks ’00 is a writer and outdoor educator in Utah; here is an archive of some of her  stories.  In 2013 she ran and won the grueling Marathon des Sables in Morocco.  Here is her story of how she won.

Jessica Lazzuri ’00 is Head of the Middle School at St. Andrew's School in Savannah, Georgia (her profile is the 9th one down the page).  She researched fossil animal borings in the Ordovician Cincinnatian carbonate rocks on a Keck Consortium project while she was a geology student at Beloit.

Dana Dettmers Swift ’00, is a Project Manager for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.  When she was a Beloit student, she studied The Stratigraphy And Paleoecology Of A Hardground in Kentucky.

Brian Zeiger '00 designs solar collection systems for Solar City in Colorado.


Rachel Cahill ’99 is the North American R&D Analytical Manager with SI Group in upstate New York.  While she was at Beloit she did a Keck Consortium research project on ductile and brittle deformation in a fault zone in California.

Nick Chambers '99 is Global Content and Scoial Media Manager for KUKA Robotics;  they have enlisted Simone Giertz, Queen of the Sh*tty Robots, to demonstrate..    As a Beloit Geology major, he wrote a Keck Consortium paper on the Volume, Geometry And Depth of Magma Chambers On Venus.

Angela Dudek ’99 is a project manager at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services.

Samuel Gillet ’99 is a software engineer in Denver.  He earned a masters in hydrogeology at the University of Northern Illionois and he co-authored a report on the effects of urbanization on ground water recharge in Illinois.

Luke Mattheis '99 is a Natural Resources Specialist at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality in Portland.

Francine Regner '99 is responsible for Inside Sales at Southwest Sales Inc., a distributor of plumbing equipment in Texas.

Matthew Santner ’99 teaches outdoor education at the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center in Michigan.

Steve  Ballou ’98 is the Technician and Safety Consultant in the Beloit College Geology Department -  He helps out on a lot of field trips.

Rachel Crabb ’98 works for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to improve water quality in local lakes and educate the public about water quality issues in Minneapolis. 

James Metcalf ’98 is a Research Associate and Lab Manager for the Laboratory for Thermochronology  at the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

Dawn Morgan ’98 wrote a huge manual for Maine municipalities on Conserving Vernal Pool Resources.   She also has presented programs on Identification Of Amphibian Egg Masses and Vernal Pool Indicator Species.

Michael Bunker '97 is studying Information Systems Technology at Coastal Carolina University.

Kyle Kolodziejski ’97 owns a fishing guide service called Keen Eye Anglers in Alaska.  Watch a video about his guiding.  He also is the fishing program director and guide at Kenai River Guide Academy.

James Sneeringer ’97 is Executive Director, Digital Products and Design at the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce.  As a Beloit geology student, he did a seismic reflection project in Montana.

Jonathan Crockett ’96 is Coordinator of Health And Wellness at Middlesex Community College in Massachusetts.  Here he explains his role at the college.

Erin Endsley '96 is directing the cleanup of one of the largest Superfund sites on the Great Lakes for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Erin Endsley ’96 and Shannon Hayes ’96 studied Potassium Alteration of Tonalites at a site in Canada while they were Beloit students.

Shannon Hayes ’96 is a Curator for the Geology Department at Earlham College.  In the past she published an article on Fluvial Sediment Transport and Deposition on Mt. Pinatubo in the journal GEOMORPHOLOGY. 

Tracy Knapp '96 researched Alluvium in Big Bend National Park in Texas when she was in college.

Adrian Kropp '96 is a GIS Manager for the City and County of Broomfield, Colorado.

Casey McCormick ’96 is an Office Manager at The Healing Trust in Tennessee.

Jennifer Tilton '96 is a Senior Hydrogeologist at Arcadis in North Carolina.

Caroline Tuit ’96 is a Senior Environmental Chemist with Gradient Corporation.  Here is her LinkedIn page.

Brent Elliott '95 is a research scientist with the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin.  A recent interview detailed his professional work.

Nelson Erb '95 is an IT Systems Cunsultant at BB&T in North Carolina.  As a Beloit student he did a research project with the Keck Consortium on the Glacial History Of Sunlight Basin, Wyoming.

Joy Rosen-Mioduchowski '95 has had a career in hydrology and geology, but right now  she's teaching in a pre-school in Midland, Texas.

Jeff Cook '94 is Director at the National Association of Independent Home Builders.

Sara Moore ’94  is a Digital Communications Specialist for the International Crane Foundation.

Mary Greene ’94 co-authored a detailed study of the seismic risks of a construction site at Los Alamos.

William Peck ’94 teaches Geology at Colgate University.  William co-authored this story in the prestigious journal NATURE about the evidence for the existence of continental crust and ocean basins 4.4 billion years ago.  Here is a list of his publications.

Caitlin Gorman ’93 is a regional manager for Engineering/Remediation Resources Group in California.  Here is a teaser for one of her landfill remediation projects

Jennifer Stewart Grimes '93 analyzed the granitic rocks of the Pike's Peak Batholith in Colorado while she was a Beloit student.

Kathryn Desmarais Kogut ’93 did a research project on red calcareous algae in the Bahama Islands when she was a Beloit student.

Srabani Roy ’93 is Regional Director, Greater Mekong, for Conservation International in San Francisco.

Tori Berg ’92 freelances for museums in Michigan.

Rona Lee Penn '92 heads an environmental chemistry research group at the University of Minnesota.

Wayne Wright ’92 is a Principal Geologist at Statoil in Norway.

Eric Beck ’91 teaches science and technology in the REALMS alternative middle school in Oregon. 

Rebecca Conant '91 is the Assistant Director of Educational Programming at Lincoln Park Conservancy in Chicago.

Nancy Hastings '91 is a Geology Technician in VWR's Science Education Division in Rochester, N.Y.

Ari Kogut ’91 is an owner of Quality Copper & Alloys LLC in Houston.  While he was a Beloit student he participated in a research project on Talc Deposits In Montana.

Andrew West '91 studied the geology of Mafic Enclaves Within the Wallowa Batholith in Washington.

Frank Kaszuba ’90 is a beer brewer and project manager at BevCraft in Duluth.  While Frank was a Beloit student he did a field research project on The Zonation of Modern Rocky Intertidal Organisms and Their Fossilization Potential, Saint-Yvon, Quebec, Canada.

Keith Krugh ’90 is a Senior Plant Manager at Lehigh Southwest Cement Co. in California.

Mary Riley ’90 is a Contract Manager Attorney at Capital One in Chicago.

Laura Reiser Wetzel ’90 teaches at Eckerd College and wrote this lesson plan on the geology of building stone, based on this article in the Journal of Geoscience Education.


Eileen Heady ’89 teaches middle school science at the McDonogh School in Maryland.  When she was at Beloit she did a field research project on the Bull Hill Augen Gneiss in Vermont.

Chip Johnson '89 is a Senior Manager at the accounting firm Ernst & Young.  He studied the displacement along the Burntside Lake Fault Zone near Basswood Lake, MN, when he was at Beloit.

David Nemetz ’89, is an environmental geologist at Shannon & Wilson, Inc. in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Joel Socwell ’89 has a business selling tools for artists using clay.  Here are some examples of his artwork.

Charles Tremper '89 is a Collaborations Project Manager at Monsanto in Missouri.

Karl Hayden ’88 is a cheese maker in Vermont. 

Ed Venzke ’88 is the Website and Database Manager for the Smithsonian Institution’s Global Volcanism Program.

Kim Anderson '87 is on the staff of Straw's Auto Center in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.

Ron Cox '87 is an owner manager of an Ace Hardware in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Bradley Hall '87 is a Vice President at the environmental consulting firm ERRG in California.

John Huss ’87 teaches philosophy at the University of Akron; he recently was named Outstanding Researcher and awarded a Fulbright fellowship.  In 2017 he published a chapter on the temporal aspects of paleontology from a philosophical perspective called Paleontology: Outrunning Time.  In this video he discusses Planet Of The Apes.

Deborah Sholtes ’87 is a Division Director at the FDA Center for Tobacco Products in Washington, D.C.

Eric Thoman '87 is a GIS specialist at Managed Business Solutions in Colorado.

Andrew Hartnett '86 is the Treasurer of the Jerome, AZ, Chamber Of Commerce and owner of Adorn Collection LLC, a seller of gifts and decorations.

Cathleen Beaudoin Jonas ’86 is Principal Hydrogeologist at HSW Engineering in Florida. 

Peter Parham ’86 is a Coastal Geologist/Senior Research Fellow at the Earth Observatory of Singapore and International Fellow of the Centre of Tropical Geoengineering at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.  Here is a snapshot of his recent work.

Deborah Schueller '86 is the Publications Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Geology & Mineral Industries.

Michelle Allard ’85 is a Senior Geologist at WRScompass in Florida.

Monika Sylvander Byrd ’85 is Vice President of the Board and Director of Facilitation, Training and Curriculum Development with the International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute in Chicago.

Steve Ela ’85 manages his family’s organic farm and orchard in western Colorado.  Here is the history of the farm.

William Gartner ’85, a Lecturer in Geography at the UW-Madison (his entry is at the bottom of the page), co-authored this paper on archaeological phosphorus analysis.  Here is a more extensive list of his research.

Jay B. Hall ‘85 is an artist and house builder in Arizona.

Alan Hoffmeister ’85 published an article in the academic journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica on predatory drilling of Permian brachiopods and bivalves in West Texas.  His other papers have been cited frequently as well.

Garren Mayer ’85 is President and owner at Sound Financial Group.

David Mosby '85 is a Supervising Biologist with the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service in Missouri.

Melanie Kimsey Redding '85 published a groundwater survey of the Wenatchee River in Washington State.

Kathleen Sullivan '85 is a realtor in Boston.

Glenn Thackray ’85 teaches Geomorphology, Hydrogeology and Quaternary Geology at Idaho State University.

Dan Askren '84 is  the operations manager of EPA's RadNet air monitoring program at the National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory in Montgomery, Alabama.  He gave a talk on the National Radiation Air Monitoring Network in his role as the Air Monitoring Operations Manager for the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Michael Benjamin ’84 is Chief of the Monitoring and Laboratory Division at the California Air Resources BoardHe recently warned that small off-road gas engines are just as polluting to the atmosphere as cars are.

Greg Boitnott ’84 is Vice-President and director of New England Research Inc. He recently published a paper on Horizontal Strain in the Bakken oil reservoir and gave a talk on new methods of characterizing fine-grained sedimentary rocks.

Jean Brown ’84 is the Vice-President For Operations of Blue Chip Farms, a horse breeding farm in New York State.  Her nomination for an achievement award contains a nice bio of her.

Stephen Creden ’84 is Directional Drilling Manager at SunDrill Energy Services in Houston.

John Hanor '84 is a Business Systems Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia.

Kui-Bin Im ’84 is a Librarian at the University of Michigan – Flint.

David Klug ’84, a Hydrologic Technician for the US Forest Service, contributed this action photo of stream flow to a USGS Scientific Investigations Report on debris flow in Oregon.

Mark Murphy '84 is a business analyst in the Milwaukee area.

Greg Wiles ’84, teaches geology at the College of Wooster in Ohio.  Among his research projects has been dating glacial chronology in Alaska using dendrochronology.

Nina Harun ’83 studies the sedimentary history of coal deposits with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys.  She researched the Susitna Basin in Alaska.  The announcement of her wedding in 1990 appeared in the New York Times.

Karla Parsons Hubbard '83 is a geology professor at Oberlin College.  Here is a her own web page.

Amy Ollendorf ‘83 is the president of the environmental consulting firm ALO Environmental Associates. In the 1980s she published her research on the archaeological implications of phytoliths found at a site in Israel.

Clark Poore ’83 is a software engineer and has co-authored papers on spacecraft management software at Sandia National Labs.  In the 1980s he co-authored a paper in The Bulletin of Volcanology on a new volcanic crater in Costa Rica.

Matthew Reed '83 is a project manager & hydrogeologist at Ranney Collector Wells, Layne Christensen Company in Ohio.

William Sanford '83 teaches geosciences and hydrogeology at Colorado State.

Susan Silverman '83 is an attorney with the Kentucky Natural Resources And Environmental Protection Cabinet.

Michelle Tripp '83 is IBM's North America Talent Acquisition Leader in Minnesota.

Jon Dahlgren ’82 is a Senior Environmental Geologist with Tim Miller Associates in Cold Spring, NY.

Ralph Harvey ’82 teaches planetary geology at Case Western Reserve University with a strong interest in meteorites found in Antarctica.

John Kaszuba ’82 teaches geology and geophysics at the University of Wyoming.  Recently he gave a talk on CO2 Storage Reservoirs on the Rock Springs Uplift.

Tony Mariano '82 is a consulting exploration geologist who works on rare earth elements with his father.  Here is another presentation of their work.

John Mavrogenes ‘82 is a research geologist interested in applying analytical and experimental techniques to problems of ore genesis at the Australian National University.

Kenneth Schneider '82 is Divisional Assistant Vice President at Premier Lease & Loan Services, Inc., in Cincinnati.

Paul Schwarzweller '82 is a Consulting Geologist at Laakea, LLC in Denver.

Robert Symonds '82 was a volcanologist at the Cascades Volcano Observatory.  Here is one of his abstracts about magmatic degassing in the western U.S.

John Ewert '81 until recently was the Scientist-In-Charge of the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory; he presented a program on monitoring volcano hazards in the Cascade Range.

Tom Hahne '81 is Program Manager at Tetra Tech EM Inc., an environmental consulting firm.

William Roman ’81 is Chief Geologist at Gannett Fleming in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  He recently wrote on the Application Of Digital Photogrammetry To Rock Cut Slope Design to correct a dangerous rockfall hazard on a highway.

Suzanne “Suki” Smaglik ’81 taught chemistry and geology at Central Wyoming College.

Karl Wirth ’81 teaches geology at Macalester College in Minnesota; here is his personal website.  He has thought a lot about how to encourage students to be intentional learners.

Rodney Allen '80 teaches Earth Science at Oswego East High School in Illinois.

Sterling Cook '80 is Chief Geologist for ASARCO LLC in Arizona.

Dion Heinz ’80 teaches mineral physics and materials science at the University of Chicago.  Here are links to his Laboratory and Publications.

Jeff Marso '80 is a Geologist for the Volcano Disaster Assistance Program at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Vancouver, Washington.  In 1991 Dr. Marso helped assemble and operate one of the first volcano data collection networks of personal computers

Tricia Sutton ’80 is president of Sutton Enterprises, a business management consulting company.

Rudy Torrini '80 is a Senior Project Scientist at AECOM in St. Louis.

Jon Williams '80 is an Engineer at Datalogic Scanning.

1970s and earlier

Tony Fleming ’79 led a structural geology field trip near Washington D.C.

Christian Gross '79 is a geologist at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in Germany; here is a list of his publications.

Jonathan Koplos '79 is an Environmental and Resource Consultant with The Cadmus Group in Boston.

Robert Patch ’79 owns a roofing and construction company.  When he was 6 years old, he became the youngest person ever to be awarded a U.S. patent!

Paul Jewell ’78 teaches geology and geophysics at the University of Utah.  Here’s his personal page.  Here is a summary of his research interests; he recently presented research on the tectonic evolution of Lake Bonneville in Utah.

Robert Lee ’78 is a Vice President and Principal Geologist of GSI Environmental Inc. in Houston.

Craig Michelsen ’78 is an urgent care physician in southern Wisconsin.

Barbara Sheinberg ’78 is the principal of a community planning firm in Juneau, Alaska.  She recently conducted a planning survey in Valdez.

Kathleen Smith ’78 retired recently but she was a research geologist for the US Geological Survey in Denver, and she also worked on Mining for metals in society's waste.

Sarah Thomas '78 is a Vice-President and Senior Product Manager at J.P. Morgan in Chicago.

Indira Glenn Balkissoon ’77 is Vice President at TechLaw, Inc., an environmental consulting firm, and its subsidiary AlterEcho.

Timothy Fast '77 is a GIS Specialist at DuPont Pioneer.

James Holik '77 is Program Director at the National Science Foundation.

David Keehn ’77 is an attorney with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Roger Kuhns ’77 is a consulting geologist and story teller.  Here he sings about shopping at Home Depot.  He recently gave a talk on Community Sustainability in Door County, Wisconsin.

Charles Lesher '77 is a professor of geochemistry and igneous and metamorphic petrology and nanophases at UC-Davis in California.

Eric Milton '77 is a software engineer at IHS in Englewood, Colorado.

Seth Perlman ’77 litigates cases relating to fundraising law for charities in New York.

Peter Rushworth ’77 is a Senior Data Scientist at Setld in Texas.

Peter Strugatz ’77 is a socially-aware investor and founder of small companies such as Ice Stone;  here’s a video taken when representatives of the White House visited Ice Stone.  Ice Stone has a Wikipedia page.  If you want to see samples of Peter’s products, watch Peter's video and then check out the bathroom vanity tops in the new Beloit College Sanger Science Center!  See other IceStone videos.

Joseph Bachman ’76 is an Environmental Scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency who investigated fuel-saving and pollution-reducing modifications to semi-trucks.  In another study he evaluated the fuel-saving character of tires with low rolling resistance

Edward Duke ’76 teaches petrology, geochemistry and remote sensing at the South Dakota School of Mines; here is a page about his research interests.

Nicole Gotthelf '76 is Director of Development and Membership at the Jazz Instituite Of Chicago.

Sandy Rushworth ’76 has retired as a senior geologist at Marathon Oil Co. and now she is a Beloit College Class Agent.

Stanley Williams ’76 teaches geology and volcanology at Arizona State University in Tempe; here is a list of some of his research publications.  He wrote a book detailing his survival of a explosion of Galeras Volcano  in Colombia in which nine others died.

Robert Brakenridge ’75 Is Director of the Dartmouth Flood Observatory in Colorado which uses satellites to document river flooding around the world - here is his full resume.

Michael Fischer ’75 is Senior Vice President of Intercon Tech, a software integration firm in San Antonio, Texas.

Ted Haberman '75 is Director Of Earth Science at the HDF Group in Colorado.  He worked for many years in NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center and set up one of the first web sites on the Internet.

Randy Hicks ’75 heads an environmental and natural resources consulting firm in New Mexico.

Brooks McKinney ’75 teaches geosciences at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Martha Mixon ’75 is a biology technician at Bowdoin College in Maine and a consulting geologist.

Robert Nowack ’75 teaches geophysics at Purdue University.

Margaret Townsend ’75 is a research associate in geohydrology at the Kansas Geological Survey; she wrote a paper on identifying sources of nitrogen contamination in ground water.

Nancy Banta '74 has retired from her long career as a geologist in Texas and now is a "Birdwatcher In Residence" at a nature preserve in Kansas.

Karen Gold '74  teaches reading and math to adults at various levels of literacy for Literacy Action in Atlanta.

Peter Bente ’73 is a wildlife biologist who studies Alaskan peregrine falcons and also co-authored this study of how overwintering caribou respond to tundra which has been burned.

John Aleinikoff '72 worked as a Research Geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Mary Dowse ’72 is an Emeritus Professor of Geology at Western New Mexico University.

Greg Fernette '72 is a retired USGS Geologist and part time consultant.

Richard Lundin '72 is Vice President and Exploration Manager of Rich Ore Mining, Inc., a minerals prospecting and development company in California.  His company has a fun story about a ghost gold mine in Arizona on its web site, in addition to a nice profile of Rich.

Nancy Oda ’72 is an independent public relations and communications professional in New York.

Geoff Rohde ’72 is a Business Analyst - Reporting at Health Net Federal Services on the VA Choice Program in California.

Larry Mutti ’71 is an Emeritus Professor of Geology at Juniata College in Pennsylvania; here is the Geology Department page.

Robert Jacobi ’70 taught geology at the University at Buffalo in New York.  He was recently awarded the AAPG Eastern Section's highest honor.

Peter Komlos-Hrobsky ’70, a legal aid attorney in Denver specializing in law pertaining to care for the elderly, wrote a book on home care for the elderly.

Dennis Nielson ’70 was the lead author on a study of the Mineral Mountains Intrusive Complex in Utah.

David Love ’69 is Emeritus Principal Senior Environmental Geologist for the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Natural Resources.

Timothy Vick ’69 was an English major at Beloit, but he recently retired from his 36-year stint as Technical Director In Geology at Carleton College.  Hooray for the liberal arts!

Bob Wintsch ’69 is a geology professor at the University of Indiana.

Ian Semple '62 is a retired geologist turned painter whose art depicts "the working wilderness," geology, nature and mining in landscapes and abstract paintings.  His work was featured in an article in Mineral Exploration Magazine.  He also wrote a memoir called Tales From The Underbrush and here is a sample chapter about The Chief (Hank Woodard).

Stanley Riggs '60 is a Distinguished Research Professor of Geology at East Carolina University.   He's quoted in this story about beach erosion on the East Coast, and he has been honored with a research vessel bestowed with his name.