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Voting Guide

Resources to help the Beloit campus community vote and make their voices heard.

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For our faculty, staff, and students who are citizens of the United States, voting is part of our civic duty. Beloit College encourages everyone to be involved in the political process: from being ready to vote in each election to making their voices heard by their representatives.

Getting to the polls and what you’ll need when you get there:

  • Transportation will be available. A bus service will take you to the polling place at Todd Elementary School and back to campus all day on Tuesday, Nov. 3. You can catch the bus at the Wall.
  • Take your ID. You will need your Beloit College student ID to vote.
  • Bring a buddy. If there are delays, it’ll be more fun to wait with a friend.
  • Don’t be intimidated. If anyone tries to influence or confront you in any way, notify election officials or the on-site first responder immediately.
Early Voting

Early Voting in Wisconsin


Early In-Person Voting in Wisconsin
Tuesday, Oct 20 through Friday, Oct 30

(Beloit College Students Must have their college photo ID to vote!)


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